Best One Piece Arcs: Ranked Tier List

What are the best and worst One Piece arcs?

by Gabriel Rodrigues

One Piece is one of the biggest shonen manga currently being published, with more than 30 story arcs. The manga’s world is massive; Luffy and his friends have been through many different adventures, causing rebellions, unraveling new mysteries, and saving each other. This guide will take you through their best moments together.

One Piece Arcs Tier List

Each arc focuses on different characters and themes, so people will gravitate toward the one they like the most. But still, there are a few arcs pretty much indisputable as being some of the best, like Ennies Lobby. This tier list won’t feature filler episodes, as they don’t have great importance to the story and can be skipped.

TierOne Piece Arcs
SWhole Cake Island Arc, Marineford Arc, Ennies Lobby Arc, Impel Down Arc, Dressrosa Arc, Wano Country Arc
AArlong Park Arc, Water 7 Arc, Drum Island Arc, Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Alabasta Arc, Post-War Arc, Egghead Arc (currently being published)
BThriller Bark Arc, Jaya Arc, Amazon Lily Arc, Post-Enies Lobby Arc, Levely Arc, Romance Dawn Arc, Baratie Arc, Skypiea Arc, Return to Sabaody Arc, Loguetown Arc
CSyrup Village Arc, Little Garden Arc, Reverse Mountain Arc, Orange Town Arc, Whisky Peak Arc
DLong Ring Long Land Arc, Fishman Island Arc, Zou Arc, Punk Hazard Arc

S-Tier Arcs

These are the cream of the crop. They introduce exciting new characters, develop old ones, and bring change to the One Piece universe as a whole. Not to mention being filled with incredible highlights and emotional moments. Whole Cake Island, for example, explores Sanji’s past and creates the seeds for his growth in Wano. That’s also what changes the world’s power dynamics and makes Luffy one of the five emperors of the sea. The S-Tier arcs also feature some of the best villains in the series, like Kaido, Magellan, and Doflamingo.

A-Tier Arcs

These don’t have as many highlights but are also very important to the lore and the character developments. Egghead, the current arc, just started, but it already holds a lot of potential for being one of the most important arcs in the story. It also marks the start of One Piece‘s Final Saga.

They also achieve A-Tier because they are important to the Straw Hats. We have Nami’s and Chopper’s arcs, containing some of the most touching scenes in the series, Luffy’s past with Sabo and Ace, and the separation of the crew, a strong option for the most shocking moment in the anime.

B-Tier Arcs

Even if they have relevant scenes, some arcs just don’t get you as hyped as others or start having many forgettable moments. Baratie is a great example, as it introduces both Sanji and Mihawk, but most of its fights have no importance or are longer than they should be. But these arcs also have moments that make them shine brightly and avoid the lower tiers, like Blackbeard’s speech in Jaya and Zoro’s encounter with Kuma.

C-Tier Arcs

These aren’t good or bad enough that will make you remember them. They are only bland and ordinary. Reverse Mountain, for example, has a cute moment with Laboon, but you’d take a lot of time to even remember what happened when mentioning your favorite moments in the story. The only exception would be Syrup Village, which features Usopp’s introduction and a few emotional scenes. However, it also has one of the worst villains in the series and almost no remarkable characters.

D-Tier Arcs

Why are Fishman Island Arc and Punk Hazard so boring? The arcs here are the ones you wish were filler, so you could skip them without remorse. Long Ring Long Land is just the most forgettable thing you can imagine (it seems wrong that it has Aokiji’s first appearance), but the others are longer and equally boring. Punk Hazard, for example, is really dragging, and it doesn’t have highlights or important moments to make it at least a little better.

- This article was updated on January 25th, 2023

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