All One Piece Filler Episodes to Skip

One Piece has tons of episodes, and it can be intimidating when you don't know which ones are skippable.

by J.R. Waugh
One Piece Filler
Image: ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

One Piece is an intimidating anime series for newcomers to start on, and for those looking to catch up, its 1000+ episode count presents a significant challenge of dedication.  But much like much popular Shonen anime, One Piece is no stranger to filler episodes or arcs.

These filler episodes can be skipped so you can get right back to the main plot.  While it’s debatable whether you should wholly skip these filler episodes, it’s good to be aware and have the option.  Here’s our guide on all One Piece filler episodes to skip!

All One Piece Filler Episodes to Skip

One Piece begins in earnest with plenty of arcs to tell before getting into the filler throughout the anime series.  Thankfully, thanks to the anime starting years after the manga and consistent main story content being put out, there’s not too much to have to skip over. 

While some arcs can be considered filler and skippable, they occasionally portray compelling character development and can be worthwhile if you’re doing a more relaxed viewing of the series.  The filler episodes are listed as follows:

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One Piece Filler ArcFiller Episode Number(s)
Warship Island Arc54-61
Post-Arabasta Arc131-135
Goat Island Arc136-138
Ruluka Island Arc139-143
G-8 Arc196-206
Ocean’s Dream Arc220-224
Foxy’s Return Arc225-228
Ice Hunter Arc326-335
Spa Island Arc382-384
Little East Blue Arc426-429
Z’s Ambition Arc575-578
Caesar Retrieval Arc626-628
Silver Mine Arc747-750
Marine Rookie Arc780-782
Cidre Guild Arc895-896
Special Episode907
Uta’s Past Arc1029-1030

These arcs after often mercifully short, unlike the infamously long streaks of filler that are present in Naruto.  Recent ones like the Cidre Guild Arc can take place in the middle of bigger storylines like the Wano Country Arc, so it can be tricky to catch these. For fans of the live-action adaptation, this is one advantage it has: there’s no filler to worry about.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2023

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