Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoilers and Release Timeline

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Yuki Tabata

Did you finish reading chapter 358 and are looking for the Black Clover Chapter 359 spoilers and release timeline so you don’t have to wait until the official chapter release?  For example, will Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Flame burial work, and will Lady Mereoleona get her revenge for her fellow Crimson Lion Magic Knights squad members? Unfortunately, Black Clover is off for a month, meaning we won’t know for an extended period. However, we will provide Black Clover Chapter 359 spoilers and raw scans as they are released, so you don’t have to wait long to get questions like this answered.

Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 359 spoilers have been released. Here is the full Chapter 359 summary:

  • Title: The Dancing Princess of the Battlefield, again
  • Acier commends Nozel for becoming strong but says this is as far as he gets. Nebra is crying that she can’t fight their mother… Acier scolds Nebra & Solid that they could’ve become stronger too but they let hate and power warp their mind
  • Acier says sorry for having died [in the past] and even though her children got weak she still loves them. She suggests they’re reborn in the “peaceful and equal world created by Lucius” so they can start over together.
  • Noelle shows up!!! She tells her siblings to stay strong.
  • Acier: “You must be Noelle…! The young me & you are like two peas in a pod…”
  • Noelle monologue: “Though we’ve only met in spirit [Megicula defeat] you really are my mother…! You’re Acier Silva but… not the Acier Silva we know…!! You’re the person we have to… defeat and surpass here..!!
  • Nozel says indeed Noelle has become strong but she doesn’t have Undine anymore.
  • Noelle flashback: she’s a bit (lot) depressed that she couldn’t do anything to save Asta. She reminisces about not being able to do Saint Stage anymore, although she has become stronger but this meant nothing when facing Lucius. This way she can’t change anything…
  • Noelle says even then, she can’t yet give up and she’s sure that Asta is alive…! and so, she’d protect this country for whenever Asta comes back…!! For the sake of this, she’s going to become stronger.
  • Kahono shows up…! She says there’s some great trouble at the Underwater Temple and she needs Noelle to help them out, after all, Noelle has become strong. She takes Noelle to this gigantic dragon “Sea God” that has been worshipped since ancient times.
  • Lore: “A dragon of the raging sea will awaken from its long sleep when the end of the world is imminent.” – as the legend goes. The Sea God awoke…
  • The Sea God says “the world is in danger… I’ll go berserk… and so need… strong contractor…”
  • Noelle unleashes her new spell: “Valkyrie dress: Dragon Form”
  • “Mother!!! I’m surpassing you right here!!!”
  • Acier: “To have become this strong… I’m proud…!!”

Black Clover Chapter 359 Release Timeline

The Black Clover Chapter 359 release timeline is 1:00 AM JST on Monday, May 22, 2023. This is due to the manga being on break for both Golden Week in Japan and a break by Yuki Tabata. Here are the time zone conversions for the most common cities:

  • 8:00 AM PST Sunday, May 21
  • 9:00 AM MST Sunday, May 21
  • 10:00 AM CST Sunday, May 21
  • 12:00 PM EST Sunday, May 21
  • 1:00 PM AST Sunday, May 21
  • 2:00 PM BRT Sunday, May 21
  • 5:00 PM GMT Sunday, May 21
  • 7:00 PM CEST Sunday, May 21
  • 9:30 PM IST Sunday, May 21
  • 11:00 PM ICT Sunday, May 21
  • 12:00 AM PHT Sunday, May 21
  • 1:00 AM JST Monday, May 22

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Where Can I Read Black Clover Chapter 359?

You can read Black Clover Chapter 359 for free on Viz Media’s website. Also available on the Viz Media website for free are the three most recent chapters if you need to catch up on previous chapters before Chapter 359 releases. If you are reading on a mobile device, you can also download the Shonen Jump app and read all official Shueisha Mangas, including Black Clover.

- This article was updated on May 19th, 2023

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