Blue Lock Chapter 215 Spoilers and Release Timeline

It's as if those 11 players are one friggin' huge organism!!!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura

Did you read through Chapter 214 and can’t wait for the next chapter of Blue Lock to release? This chapter dealt mainly with Isagi. He showed us his true soccer IQ by instantly recognizing their tactics. However, he also realizes he needs to be a true leader. So the one burning question fans have is, do you think Isagi will beat Kaiser? We will provide Blue Lock Chapter 215 spoilers and raw scans as they are released, so you don’t have to wait long to get questions like this answered.

Blue Lock Chapter 215 Spoilers

Here are the Blue Lock Chapter 215 Spoilers:

  • Sharing tactics and thoughts with the team, Uber’s ‘motion defense’ blasts through! Can they survive the incoming ‘all-out attack’?”
  • From the previous chapter, Ubers has the ball, thanks to Niko’s steal. Gagamaru is bracing for a possible shot to the goal.
  • Gagamaru: Whoa! Ubers is good at switching… Now, who’s going to shoot…
  • Niko passes the ball to Sendo, Gagamaru seeing how their passes are linked without any stops, the ball goes to Barou.
  • Yukimiya and another BM player are heading toward Barou to cut off his course.
  • Yukimiya: I’m leaving the rear to you, Gagamaru!
  • Gagamaru: Certainly.
  • However, Barou passes the ball to Niko, opposite to what Yukimiya and Gagamaru expected. What happens next as Gagamaru watches the ball…
  • Gagamaru: Barou passes? For real… how did they tame him!! Niko keeps it… No, he switched with Sendo!! A One-two at a blind spot!? How subtle was that in such a dense area… but who’s got the ball right now?
  • In fron to fGagamaru, Birkenstock is marking on Barou, Kurona’s on Niko and Ali with Sendo.
  • Gagamaru: I can’t see-
  • Then a sudden shot was incoming, so it was late for Gagamaru to notice it… the shot was from Barou.
  • Start of the Neo-Egoist League, Italy Startum Starting Room. After Marc Snuffy explained what Ubers’ philosophy is.
  • Barou: You think soccer is “work?” What an unambitious philosophy. I don’t play soccer with that kind of narrow thinking.
  • Barou walked away. Lorenzo just looked at him while Aiku tried to call out to him. Once Baru exited the room, Sunny said, “He’s awesome.”
  • Training field. Barou’s on a shooting practice alone when someone says, “Nice kick, Barou Shouei. I have nothing to criticize, even with your physicality.”
  • Barou looked at who was talking, and it was Snuffy standing by the door.
  • Snuffy: Data shows you have the most substantial striker aptitude in Ubers. So, please! Just think I’ve tricked you and ride on my philosophy for once!
  • Barou: …Even so, you’re still the master, huh?
  • Snuffy: Is that a no?
  • Barou; Yeah, it is. For me, soccer isn’t work. It’s a “way” to become a king. I’m going to win this world my way, and if you want to use me, you will have to adapt to me, wimpy master.
  • Snuffy: I like you, Barou Shouei. You’re awesome, for real! But you think you’re a genius and a superior being, right?
  • Quickly, Snuffy stole the ball from him.
  • Barou: Huh?
  • Snuffy: You’re human before you’re a soccer player. And if you’re wrong about that… You’re an amateur.
  • Snuffy gestured, “Come at me,” which irritated Barou.
  • Barou: Shut up.
  • Snuffy In the end, your life looks down on people who don’t have talent. Your talent is just a gift your parents gave you. You’re not a pro if you don’t know what that means.
  • Barou: Huh!? What the hell is that!? You’re sayin’ if I thank my mom and dad, I’ll be the best in the world!? Then I don’t appreciate it… I’m going down in history as the world’s worst striker!
  • Snuffy: Barou Shoue. You are like me. There was a time when I would have put everything I had into my talent, and together we made it happen.
  • There is a flashback of Marc Snuffy winning the World Cup.
  • Snuffy: I had a best friend. We did everything we could live with the wealth and fame we got from soccer. We both thought we could be the kings of soccer, and neither doubted it, but we screwe dup.
  • Barou, who was trying to steal the ball, got pushed by Snuffy and fell to the ground.
  • Snuffy: From poor performance due to lack of training to injuries caused by overdoing it to scandals that coste their place as a regular… The instant human falls are only a moment.
  • Barou: Hah, what’s up with that loser’s memoir?
  • Snuffy: An then their heart collapse. My best friend killed himself.
  • Barou was shocked to hear that he didn’t stand up right after he fell.
  • Snuffy: Barou Shouei, will you like yourself when you’re not a genius anymore? You are a person before you are a soccer player; whether you have talent or not, that’s the only thing you have to hold on to. So, Barou Shouei, come “work with me. As the “king of Ubers,” will you be my successor?
  • “To the words of the ‘master,’ who knows the reality, what does the “young/immature,” Barou think of? How will he respond to this big offer/”
  • To be continued in the next chapter, “Stealth Killer”.

Blue Lock Chapter 215 Release Timeline

The Blue Lock Chapter 215 release timeline is 10:00 PM JST on Sunday, April 16, 2023. Here are the time zone conversions for the most common cities:

  • 6:00 AM PDT Sunday, April 16
  • 7:00 AM MDT Sunday, April 16
  • 8:00 AM CDT Sunday, April 16
  • 9:00 AM EDT Sunday, April 16
  • 10:00 AM ADT Sunday, April 16
  • 10:00 AM BRT Sunday, April 16
  • 1:00 PM GMT Sunday, April 16
  • 3:00 PM CEST Sunday, April 16
  • 6:30 PM IST Sunday, April 16
  • 8:00 PM ICT Sunday, April 16
  • 9:00 PM PHT Sunday, April 16
  • 10:00 PM JST Sunday, April 16

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Where Can I Read Blue Lock Chapter 215?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official Manga website like Viz Media or Shueisha where you can read Blue Lock Chapter 215 online when they are released. However, multiple unofficial websites, like this one, allow you to read Blue Lock Chapter 215 online for free. As always, be careful what website you use and do so at your own risk.

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