Discover the Sinister Beginnings of The Legion in the new Dead By Daylight Comic

Learn about The Legion in the new Dead By Daylight prequel comic series!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Behaviour Interactive and Titan Comics

Are you ready to discover the sinister beginnings of The Legion in the new Dead by Daylight comic? Prepare yourself for a hair-raising experience as Behaviour Interactive’s highly acclaimed horror game has now been adapted into a comic book! This must-read comic is penned by the award-winning writer Nadia Shammas, known for her work on the popular comic series Ms. Marvel and illustrated by Dillon Snook, who brought to life The Bluefall. Don’t hesitate to pre-order your copy now and discover how to receive an exclusive in-game charm just by reading the comic.

When Does The Legion Comic Release?

Image: Behaviour Interactive and Titan Comics

The Legion Dead by Daylight #1 comic’s release date is June 14, 2023. It can be obtained through Titan Comic’s website in physical and digital format, compatible with Kindle reader devices. Please be advised that the comic has an age rating 15+ due to its graphic content and potentially disturbing subject matter. In addition, you can unlock an EXCLUSIVE in-game charm by using the unique code in each comic! However, be aware that this is only available in the physical copy of the comic.

What is The Legion Comic About?

Image: Behaviour Interactive and Titan Comics

Meet Frank, a rebellious teenager who collides with the lives of Julie, Joey, and Susie. Together, they wreak havoc in the quiet town of Ormond, revealing the gruesome origins of The Legion. This teenage angst, combined with anarchy and love, creates a perfect storm of violence in this comic. With compelling characters that are both familiar and original, this comic is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to explore the next big horror franchise: Dead by Daylight!

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On YouTube, you can view the official teaser trailer for the new Dead by Daylight prequel comic book series. This is an excellent opportunity to see if the comic’s art style fits your taste and provides a bit of a teaser to hold you over until the comic releases.

- This article was updated on May 26th, 2023

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