All The Singularity Perks and Abilities in Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight no one can hear you scream... Here are all The Singularity perks and abilities.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Are you wondering what all The Singularity perks and Abilities in Dead by Daylight will be after seeing the exciting teaser trailer? Chapter 28 of Dead by Daylight is called End Transmission, which will be released on June 13, 2023. With it, we get our first taste of pure sci-fi terror with a new original killer called The Singularity. While fans like me were hoping for a licensed Alien killer and survivor based on cryptic social media posts, they won’t be too disappointed with The Singularity killer in Dead by Daylight due to its perks and abilities.

The Singularity Killer in Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive

The Singularity killer in Dead by Daylight’s newest chapter is an artificial intelligence that is supposed to help humans settle a colony on a strange alien planet. However, it found an old piece of alien technology and became enlightened. Now its new goal is to feed on the environment to build the perfect body and become the ultimate weapon leading to the killing of the poor humans it is supposed to be helping.

Dimensional Rift

Behaviour Interactive

The Singularity’s killer power is called Dimensional Rift, which allows him to create two portals on any flat surface, which he can use to teleport from one location to another on the map. While teleporting, he creates an energy blast in an area around him that causes all nearby survivors to scream, revealing their auras for a few seconds. Survivors can interact with the portals to close them, thus preventing The Singularity from being able to use them.


Behaviour Interactive

The Singularity can set up Biopods around the map and then spread its consciousness inside them. When a survivor walks by one of these Bipods, it can use its reticle to infect the survivor and then appear next to them to attack them. The teleportation process looks very similar to the teleport the Hag uses.

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Behaviour Interactive

When a Survivor is tagged or infected, the infection will automatically be transferred to another Survivor working together using Slipstream. This disrupts the flow of a trial because Survivors will be less likely to work together to complete objectives.

- This article was updated on May 19th, 2023

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