Do You Need to Watch Knives Out Before Watching Glass Onion?

CSI KFC is on the case.

by J.R. Waugh
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Knives Out proved that successful mystery films were not a tired genre, with loads of potential still to captivate and intrigue audiences. Three years later, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery debuted, directed by Rian Johnson just as the original was, and it’s been quite buzzworthy online. The franchise is noted for its eclectic ensemble casts, fun mysteries, and endlessly entertaining protagonist, Benoit Blanc. But fans who are curious about Glass Onion might wonder if they need to watch Knives Out first, and we are happy to help clear that up.

Glass Onion: Should You Watch Knives Out First?

No, you can watch either film in no particular order, as Glass Onion is a standalone story rather than a direct sequel to Knives Out. While Daniel Craig returns in his iconic role as eccentric sleuth Benoit Blanc, Glass Onion features a separate cast with an unconnected mystery at the center of the plot.

While you’re certainly encouraged to watch the first movie for its exceptionally fun writing and direction by Rian Johnson, it’s not a prerequisite to understanding or enjoying Glass Onion. If you’ve already seen the first movie, you’ll certainly come to expect similar twists and turns that are seemingly lifted with all the charm straight out of the 1970s into the modern era.

The First Knives Out Was Good, Was Glass Onion Better?

In short, the answer is that the two films can be appreciated for similar reasons, but with different themes surrounding their mysteries. While the first Knives Out felt like a charming homage of sorts, the 2022 follow-up is decidedly more modern, with critiques on celebrity culture, with particular highlights like Edward Norton’s tech billionaire who is deeply tied to the plot and more than a little similar to Elon Musk.

Not only is it endlessly entertaining with a great new ensemble cast including Jessica Henwick, Kathryn Hahn, and Dave Bautista, but it’s bizarrely prescient and relevant to modern events. You’ll have loads of fun, and won’t be disappointed.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery debuted in cinemas on November 23, 2022, and is available on Netflix as of December 23, 2022, with a third film in the franchise on the way.

- This article was updated on January 26th, 2023

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