Does [Spoiler] Die in The Last of Us?

This isn't the tragic suicide at the end of the play I'm old, I'm satisfied, and you were my purpose.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering if Bill dies in The Last of Us after watching the third episode of the HBO series? Bill’s character, played by Nick Offerman, was explored much deeper in this episode than in the game, so we don’t blame you. However, the way the episode ends is unique and tragic as Bill marries Frank and decides he wants to share the same fate as him. The show has done well with keeping accurate to most aspects of the award-winning game, but they deviated with another character’s death. So then, did they do the same with Bill? What was that fate, though? Did he die? Here is the answer to the question does Bill die in The Last of Us episode 3?

Does Bill Die in The Last of Us?


Yes, Bill dies in The Last of Us HBO series. Frank has an age-related degenerative disease and tells Bill that he wants to take his own life before he deteriorates much worse. Bill reluctantly agrees, so we see them take a wake, exchange vows, and sit down for a last dinner. Frank takes a glass filled with wine and crushed pills. In a surprised moment, Bill discloses that he took the drink. Bill then takes Frank upstairs so they can die together. At the end of the episode, Joel finds them, and we see that they peacefully die in each other’s arms.

How does Bill’s fate differ in the show from the video game? Well, as mentioned before, Bill has a small role in the video game, and his life pre and post-infection isn’t explored much. However, what we see in the game is much darker, and the relationship between Bill and Frank doesn’t end so magically. In the game, Bill meets with Joel and Ellie and agrees to help Joel get a car working after Joel finds the parts for it. However, when they head to the garage, they find Frank’s body hanging with bite marks covering it. Bill explains that he used to live with Frank, but they had a falling out, and he discovers in Frank’s suicide note that he despised up to his final act.

The HBO series showrunner, Craig Mazin, said he wanted to explore the relationship between Frank and Bill more. The episode’s director, Peter Hoar, took Mazin’s wishes and ran with them because he realized after playing the game that the word partner may have meant more than just business. What both Mazin and Hoar were able to accomplish in just a single episode was extremely powerful and could be its spin-off show.

The Last of Us will have new episodes released weekly exclusively on HBO.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023