HBO’s The Last of Us: Has Nick Offerman Won an Emmy?

He just turned in one of the best performances in a long long time.

by J.R. Waugh
Last of Us Nick Offerman Emmy
Image: HBO

The Last of Us on HBO has been generating tons of buzz the last few weeks with a steady stream of amazing, heart-wrenching episodes. Up until episode 3, it felt incredibly close to the original aside from some mild tweaks to the story, but in this latest episode, ‘Long Long Time’ we saw a standout performance from Nick Offerman as Bill. The episode played out the love story of a man finally embracing every part of himself, and his intense grief when that finally starts to slip away. It’s certainly Emmy-worthy, and begs the question for those who don’t know, has HBO’s The Last of Us star Nick Offerman won an Emmy?

Has Nick Offerman Won an Emmy Before The Last of Us?

Nick Offerman has been nominated three times for an Emmy award before The Last of Us, winning none. Each of his nominations has been for co-hosting with Amy Poehler for the show Making It, a crafting competition series on NBC. Offerman had previously also made a name for himself as the iconic Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation alongside series lead Poehler. On top of these credits, Offerman has been busy in the industry, taking voice roles in franchises such as LEGO films, Ice Age, and Sing, along with other films including The Founder with Michael Keaton. But his portrayal of Bill has people talking.

Will Nick Offerman Win an Emmy for Playing Bill on The Last of Us?

While Offerman has yet to strike Emmy gold, his episode is being hailed as the early top contender for best episode of The Last of Us on HBO, and good reason. His performance was heartfelt, filled with classic Ron Swanson vibes but an undeniable tenderness underneath of a deeply romantic man. His gruff exterior as a paranoid survivalist was overlooked by Frank who saw the signs of refinement, good taste, and a loving partner with whom he could spend 16 years of his life.

Image: HBO

It was a side we didn’t know we’d see of Offerman, or Bill. “A man who knows to pair rabbit with a Beaujolais.” He had impeccable taste in cuisine, harbored an affection for the music of Linda Ronstadt, and had a penchant for keeping his weapons close even when having dinner guests. Despite having an impenetrable survivalist fortress, he saw his walls come tumbling down when he met the love of his life, portrayed in a tour de force performance. Offerman certainly deserves at least a nod for Outstanding Performance by a Guest Actor in a Drama Series Emmy for his role in The Last of Us on HBO.

The Last of Us premiered on January 15, 2023, on HBO and HBO Max, and will air weekly every Sunday. International viewers can catch this series on Sky Atlantic and Crave.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023