Does Isagi Get Bachira Back in Blue Lock?

Isagi still is far away from a World Cup.

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Isagi in Blue Lock

Sports anime are a success, so it wasn’t a big surprise seeing Blue Lock be one of the Fall 2022 best shows and get a second cour in Winter 2023. The second selection already started with a defeat for Isagi, losing one of his teammates in the process. But does Isagi get Bachira back to his team after that?

Does Isagi Get Bachira Back in Blue Lock?


In the Selection Arc in Blue Lock, it was revealed that there were many other players than we knew participating in the project. To pass the test, every player must form a team of 3 and keep winning games against other teams and stealing their players until they reach 5. Isagi starts a team with Nagi and Bachira, but they are defeated in the first game and lose Bachira. To everyone’s surprise, Isagi doesn’t manage to get him back anytime.

In their first game, Isagi, Bachira, and Nagi lose to Itoshi Rin’s team, meaning Nagi and Isagi have to keep playing as a double until they win a game. They keep winning and increase their number of players until they reach four: Isagi, Nagi, Barou, and Chigiri. They find Rin’s team and get the chance to have their revenge.

The match is the tensest of all, and both groups keep surpassing each other and scoring more goals. Until the last moments, it’s impossible to know who will win and pass the second selection. However, in a stroke of bad luck, the ball goes to Rin, and he scores a goal. Losing the rematch devastates Isagi, but there is another surprise awaiting him. Rin’s group chooses him to advance with them, making him a member of the winning group. So Isagi doesn’t get Bachira back, but they still end up on the same team.

Like many other very anticipated animes of 2023, Blue Lock is certainly one of the most fun of the year. You can watch it on Crunchyroll right now.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023