The 5 Best Anime of the Fall 2022 Season

Some may require subtitles

by Christian Bognar


With the rising popularity of Anime over the past years, there seems to be an endless of options available for viewers. They are all great in their own right, but some are more worthy of your time. In this article, we go over our top picks for the best Anime series to watch this fall, along with details of each series. Be warned; this list will contain some spoilers. We will detail the plot, so if you want to go in blindly, then make sure to avoid it at all costs. Here are our top five picks for best Anime shows to watch this Fall.

Best Anime Shows to Watch This Fall

Here is a list of the best anime to watch during the fall 2022 season.

Blue Lock


Based on a Soccer coach that came up with a training regime called “Blue Lock.” Blue Lock is designed to build the world’s most fantastic soccer striker. The main protagonist, Yoichi Isagi, signs up for this program to become the world’s greatest soccer player.

Viewers can tell from the trailer alone that the series is about to bring a delight of force that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. The character design looks fantastic, and the top-tier animation, all in an action-packed sports environment. This series is the perfect stop for sports fans, and with only two episodes aired so far, we are excited to see what happens next.

Chainsaw Man


Chainsaw Man is labeled as action and supernatural series. Just as the title suggests, the main character can transform his body into chainsaws. The story is based on an individual who had a rough time at a young age when he had to dig up scraps just to be able to pay for his late father’s misdeeds. All of this changed when on the brink of death, he met a “chainsaw dog,” all leading him to now kill to survive and get his goal accomplished. However, even with his teammates, he still has trouble discovering his dreams and creating a genuine bond with the people around him.

Despite only being in its first season, the growth and popularity are outstanding and only going up from here. Everything in this show is from emotional rollercoasters to action-packed killing, making this an excellent watch for those who want to experience all kinds of feelings. Here’s hoping they officially announce a Season 2.

Mob Psycho 100


Mob has awakened his dormant psychic powers and is now capable of great achievement. At the start, he was mainly choosing not to use these gifts, but things change when to control his powers, Mob enlists himself under a con artist who claims to be a psychic and exploits Mob for his abilities.

Mob, under the con artist’s command, eventually uses these powers and gains control over them. You soon learn that Mob is capable of so much more with his powers, and if he gets provoked, he annihilates everything and everyone in his path. The story is not the only thing great here, though, as the animation is also beautiful.

Reincarnated as a Sword


One of the more unique picks of the bunch, this one has a strange plot. Following a car accident, one of the characters finds himself in another world, but he isn’t the average human he once was. He awakens to see himself as a sword, with little recollection of his last name.

Accepting his new fate as a blade, he begins to search for a wielder to fulfill his destiny. Eventually finding a wielder, the duo stays together to embark on a journey together. Viewers can find tons of action here with a great and unique story that has viewers thinking outside of the box.

The Eminence in Shadow


A kid dreaming of becoming a mastermind, encounters a terrible accident that discourses him while practicing and he soon passes away. A reincarnated version of him wakes up in a magical world, giving him a second chance to become a mastermind manipulator.

Now hidden among the ordinary men, his pursuit brings him in contact with Alpha. The main plot is about them two taking down an evil organization. It is an excellent story between good and evil and is the perfect anime series for Fall 2022.

Give these shows a go, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. Remember that you may need subtitles to understand what is going on entirely. Love everything about Anime? Check out our picks for Anime’s best swordsmen of all time!

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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