Fast X Ending Explained — Who Dies?

Here's the Fast X Ending Explained — Who Dies?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Here is the Fast X ending explained so you know exactly what happens to who and why. Fast X is the first movie in the franchise-ending trilogy. Because of this, it ends with a few significant cliffhangers that won’t be answered until the second installment is released sometime in 2024. So here is the Fast X ending explained and who dies.

Be advised: Spoilers for Fast X follow the rest of this article!

What Happens at the End of Fast X?

At the end of Fast X, Dom and his son Little Brian find themselves trapped in the center of a dam. Dante Reyes reveals himself to be still alive. To make Dom pay for killing his Dad, he threatens to remotely drive two oil tankers on a head-on collision course toward Dom and Little Brian.

Before he does though we see Han, Roman, Ramsey, and Tej flying towards them in Aimes’ plane. But wait they are suddenly shot down by a rocket fire by none other than Aimes himself. As an answer to his actions he says, “You thought I was yours first.” After this line we see that Aimes was also present during the vault heist in Fast Five and that he has been working with Reyes this entire time.

However, before the plane crashes, Han, Roman, Tej, and Ramsey run toward one of the cars in the cargo hold. Unfortunately, we don’t see them escape the plane. Instead, it crashes in the distance. After that, Reyes tells Dom, “I want you to die knowing you couldn’t save your son,” and then begins driving the oil tankers toward him.

In response to Reyes, Dom has one of the best lines in Fast X, “You made one mistake. You never took my car.” After stating this line, Dom drives down the dam’s center just as the two oil tankers collide, causing a massive explosion. Yes, you read that right. Dom drives his car down a dam. Dom and Little Brian narrowly escape the explosion as his 1970 Dodge Charger R/T slams into the water below. Both swim out of the water and stand at the foot of the damn.

As a final show of Reyes arms bombs attached to every point in the dam, this would be a catastrophic explosion that would blow up the dam and release the water it is holding. The scene ends dramatically as all bombs begin to arm themselves and are about to explode.

Finally, Fast X ends when we are taken to Letty and Cipher in Antarctica, where a mysterious submarine emerges from the frozen water. The sub’s hatch opens to reveal Gisele, played by Gal Gadot, appear. This is a massive surprise as Gisele died during the events of Fast & Furious 6 (2013).

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Is Dom Dead in Fast X?

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Dom is still alive at the end of Fast X, even with the bombs on the dam about to explode. We won’t know if he dies until Fast 11, the second movie in the concluding trilogy, reveals what happens. However, in typical Fast and the Furious fashion, we suspect he will find a way out of his predicament.

Is Dom’s 1970 Charger R/T Dead in Fast X?

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Dom’s iconic car has survived more events than most Fast and the Furious franchise characters. In fact, it has been restored in seven of the eleven movies by Letty and Dom after being “destroyed” every single time. After Dom drives it down the dam to avoid being exploded by the two oil tankers, it crashes into the water below. I hope it survives the explosion and we see Dom, Letty, and Little Brian riding off into the sunset at the franchise’s end.

Is Little Brian Dead in Fast X?

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Little Brian is standing next to his Dad when Fast X ends, which means he is still alive. Unfortunately, we won’t know if he survives the dam bombing with his dad until Fast 11 arrives. However, no kids have died during any of The Fast and the Furious movies, so he will most likely survive.

Is Han Dead in Fast X?

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Han is on the plane that Aimes shoots down. We see him running towards a car in the plane’s cargo hold, but we don’t see what happens afterward. The movie tells us that he dies when the plan crashes off-screen, but since Han is a fan favorite, we don’t think he will die.

Is Jakob Dead in Fast X?

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Jakob sacrifices himself to save his brother Dom and nephew Little Brian before the final scenes of Fast X. He does so by boosting his car using the rockets attached to it and crashing into the bad guys chasing Dom and Little Brian. As a result, we see a massive explosion happen, which Jakob can’t survive. However, other characters in The Fast and the Furious franchise have survived worse fates. Most notably, Han survived a similar explosion at the end of Tokyo Drift, so it isn’t out of the question that Jakob could somehow survive.

Is Roman Dead in Fast X?

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Just like Han, Roman is on the plane that Aimes shot down. Fast X shows the plane crashing off-screen but doesn’t give us any further information. So, unfortunately, we must wait until Fast 11 to see what happens to Roman.

Is Tej Dead in Fast X?

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Tej is on the same plane as Roman, so his fate will be determined in one of the other two remaining movies in the concluding trilogy. Will he make it out alive or die in the plane crash? Only time will tell if they could use the car to escape the plane.

Is Ramsey Dead in Fast X?

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Ramsey is the last character on the plane shot down by Aimes, so she, too, shares the same fate as Han, Roman, and Tej. Will they all be able to escape the plane before it crashes spectacularly, or will she die in the crash? I guess we will have this answered during the opening scenes of Fast 11.

- This article was updated on May 18th, 2023

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