Is There a Post Credit Scene in Fast X? Explained

Is There a Post Credit Scene in Fast X? You'll be excited with the answer!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering if there is a post credit scene in Fast X and an explanation if there is one? The Fast & Furious franchise hasn’t always included mid-credit and post credit scenes, so it is always a pleasant surprise if there is one in the latest installment. Plus, Fast X is expected to serve as the first movie in the franchise concluding trilogy, meaning it ends on cliffhangers, which means a post-credit scene can set up the next two movies nicely with cameos or other surprises. Here is everything you need to know on a post-credit scene in Fast X and an explanation if there is one.

Does Fast X Have a Post Credit Scene?

No, there is not a post credit scene in Fast X. However, Fast X has a mid-credit scene, so you will want to watch the credits roll a few minutes before leaving. After this scene ends, you can leave the theater because there are no other scenes. If you want to know what happens, continue reading below. Otherwise, treat this as your spoiler warning.

In the mid-credit scene, we see members of an elite team infiltrate a building where they find a staged scene. After the infiltration, we hear a cell phone ring and a mysterious figure answers it. On the line is Jason Momoa’s character, Dante Reyes, who tells this figure that he is coming after him for murdering his father in Fast Five. However, the mysterious figure removes his hood to reveal that it is Lucas “Luke” Hobbs himself. In response, Hobbs says, “I ain’t hard to find. You sumbitch!” while crushing the cell phone with his bare hands.

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This hilarious one-liner ended a surprisingly great entry in the Fast and the Furious installment. The entire theater I was in cheered when The Rock revealed himself onscreen. The return of fan-favorite Hobbs to the franchise means he will probably return as a central figure in the continuation of Fast X. I guess Reyes will go after Hobbs’ daughter, bringing Hobbs back together with Toretto and his family.

I was stunned to see Dwayne Johnson return to the franchise due to his previous disagreement with Vin Diesel. In a 2021 interview with CNN, he voiced his frustrations with Diesel and why he decided to exit the franchise. During the interview, he mentioned he didn’t like how Diesel brought up his children and Paul Walker’s death in a public post. Johnson also stated that he wanted to end his fantastic journey with the Fast and the Furious franchise with gratitude and grace.

- This article was updated on May 16th, 2023

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