Is [Spoiler] Dead in One Piece? Explained

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, and Viz Media

Are you wondering if Kid is dead in One Piece and looking for an explanation as to why or why not? Chapter 1079 shocked everyone when Shanks unleashed an attack that decimated Kid in one shot. However, he also showed no mercy to the rest of the kids’ crew, and we were left wondering what the aftermath would be. So then, is Kid dead in One Piece, or will we see him return?

Is Kid Dead in One Piece? Our Theories Below

There are lots of reasons to believe that Eustass Kid is dying or died during his brief fight with Shanks. Remember that this is all speculation as Oda hasn’t officially told us if Kid is dead and we have to wait an extended period for the next chapter to be released (if Kid is even mentioned in Chapter 1080 to begin with).

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Kid’s Lost At Sea

The first reason to believe Kid met his end is that his pirates’ ships were destroyed. If you remember, a user loses the ability to swim after consuming a Devil Fruit. So, Kid is in the sea after the events of the fight and can’t do anything by himself, thus needing rescuing.

Our Narrator Confirmed

The second reason to believe that Kid is dead is that the Narrator says this is the end of the Kid Pirates. In Chapter 1079, the narrator states: “The three-billion-bounty pirate, Eustass Captain Kid, and his Kid Pirates… Destroyed.” While this doesn’t mean that Kid is dead, we know his crew and mission are done for.

Kid’s Crew is Worried

A third reason is that one of Kid’s crew says “The Captain is not moving. He is dying…” After being hit by Shanks’ Divine Departure, he is in critical condition and appears to be on his way out.

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Oda’s Drawings Are An Indicator

Finally, another indication that Kid could die is how Oda draws knocked-out characters in the manga. When a character is knocked out, they appear to have the color white in their eyes. This is shown in Chapters 923 and 1038 of the manga when Luffy and Kid were previously knocked out. However, in Chapter 1043, Momo has scratch lines when his heart stops, and he cannot hear Luffy’s voice. These are the same yes that Kid has after his fight with Shanks in Chapter 1079.

- This article was updated on March 27th, 2023

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