Is the SCP Foundation Real?

Time to find out if the SCP Foundation exists within reality!

by Gordon Bicker


The SCP Foundation has been as popular as ever since people are massively interested in finding out every smidgen of detail that they can about this vast collection of entities. Lurking around since early 2008, there is always a horror awaiting you upon each read or view of anything SCP-related. There are many reasons why people consistently are browsing through all of the many pages and documents surrounding this specific part of internet culture. A question is often asked by those interested in the subject about the reality of the information provided. This article will take you over everything you need to know about if the SCP Foundation is real.

Is the SCP Foundation Actually Real?

The question to that answer is ultimately a no. Although there are countless writings about the SCP Foundation, that is all they are, writings. Similarly is the case with the videos that fluctuate eerily around the crevices of the web. They are all elements of fiction and it is a testament to their success and strength that the Foundation has grown as popular as it has. The files are sometimes even mentioned in general conversations from time to time which is indicative of the intrigue surrounding the mysteries of what these files actually are.

Games have even been created based entirely on the subject of the phenomenon. Shown in the cover image is SCP: Secret Laboratory, one of these games that players visit a lot if they are needing a piece of SCP gaming fuelled moments. Of course, with creatures and unknown objects as prominently terrifying as those found in the files, many recall monsters from Silent Hill while thinking about the creatures found throughout the SCP Foundation.

The SCP Foundation can be researched around the internet at this very moment. SCP: Secret Laboratory is also available on PC.

- This article was updated on September 23rd, 2022

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