One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Timeline and Spoilers

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering when the One Piece chapter 1073 release timeline is and if there are any spoilers available? We don’t blame you, as Chapter 1072 left many unanswered questions. For example, we still don’t know why Kima is climbing the Red Line. What will happen with his memories and Dr. Vegapunk? What is Miss Buckingham Stussy’s motivation for putting Kaku and Lucci to sleep? Nevertheless, it is an exciting chapter, and waiting until the next release may be challenging. No worries, though, as we have the One Piece chapter 1073 release timeline and spoilers that will answer any questions about the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Timeline and Spoilers

We have provided an easy-to-follow release guide so you know precisely when One Piece chapter 1073 is expected to be released in your time zone. In addition, we have also provided all the details regarding the spoilers of One Piece chapter 1073.

One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers

A summary of Chapter 1073 has been released. The chapter title is “Miss Buckingham Stussy,” and here is the breakdown:

  • On the cover, we see Vegapunk creating peaceful inventions while Caesar, Judge, and Queen look at him disgusted.
  • The chapter starts where the last one ended. Lucci attacks Stussy, but he misses because he’s attacking an illusion. Stussy uses a variation of the Kami-e technique called “Remaining Body” (loosely translated).
  • While she distracts Lucci with the illusion, Stussy uses lipstick with kairouseki inside to weaken Lucci (she uses it to touch Lucci like Smoker uses his Jitte). Then Stussy bites Lucci, and he falls asleep like Kaku.
  • We discover that the mysterious person with whom Vegapunk spoke was Stussy and that it wasn’t Vegapunk’s intention that she become a CP0 member. Stussy can’t overwrite Lucci’s order to stop the Seraphim because she’s at the same level as Lucci in the “authority hierarchy”.
  • Lilith and Edison came out of the “Labo.” S-Hawk attacks Lilith before she can give the order to stop, but Zoro stops it. Zoro fights against S-Hawk during some panels (no new attacks, only one big clash). S-Hawk is in shock, facing Zoro’s strength.
  • S-Shark attacks Edison as he gives the order to stop, but Sanji saves him. Then Edison managed to give the order, and all Seraphim stop.
  • Luffy and Chopper are running around the “Labo” to find the real Vegapunk because he and Bonney disappeared (we don’t see anything about the real Vegapunk and Bonney in this chapter).
  • Cut to Sphinx Island. It’s revealed that Marines came to Sphinx Island while Marco was away in Wanokuni. But Weevil arrived and protected the village. However, Weevil was captured by Ryokugyuu.
  • Now Marco is with Miss Bakkin. She asks Marco to bring back her son and to give her Shirohige’s inheritance.
  • Marco: “I appreciate you saving the village, but…”
  • Miss Bakkin: “You doubt about my son’s lineage? Then just ask Vegapunk!!”
  • Cut to the sea, to Kizaru’s ship.
  • Kizaru brings some snacks and drinks to an old man on the ship. Before that, Marines tested the food to find if it was poisoned. Kizaru talks with that man.
  • Kizaru: “Have you ever met Vegapunk?”
  • Old man: “Yes, just once in the past…”
  • We discover that the old man is one member of the Gorousei (Five Elders). Specifically, he has a scar on the left side of his face and gray dreadlocks. And we discover his name…
  • [World Highest Authority – Gorousei]
    [Saint Jegarcia Saturn]
  • Saturn: “I regret that it has come to this!!”
  • End of the chapter. Break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Timeline

One Piece Chapter 1073 is expected to be released at 12:00 AM JST on Monday, January 30, 2023. We will update you if this release date changes. Here are the time zone conversions for the most common cities:

  • 7:00 AM PST Sunday, January 29 (Los Angeles, Vancouver)
  • 8:00 AM MST Sunday, January 29 (Denver, Calgary)
  • 9:00 AM CST Sunday, January 29 (Chicago, Regina)
  • 10:00 AM EST Sunday, January 29 (New York, Toronto)
  • 11:00 AM AST Sunday, January 29 (Halifax, Fredericton)
  • 12:00 PM BRT Sunday, January 29 (Brasilia Time)
  • 3:00 PM GMT Sunday, January 29 (UK and Ireland)
  • 5:00 PM CEST Sunday, January 29 (Europe)
  • 8:30 PM IST Sunday, January 29 (India)
  • 10:00 PM ICT Sunday, January 29 (Vietnam and Thailand)
  • 11:00 PM PHT Sunday, January 29(Philippines)
  • 12:00 AM JST Monday, January 30 (Japan)

The One Piece Manga is available to read on Viz Media.

The One Piece anime is currently available on popular streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2023

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