Some Trigun Stampede Fans Are Mad the New Series Is Not Like the Original, but Not These Ones

Is Vash the 60 billion double dollar Man or the 6 million dollar Man?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

The first episode of Trigun Stampede has divided the Trigun fanbase in half. Half of the fans hate it and feel like it is siphoning off the original’s success and is picking it apart, while the other half are telling them to knock it off and just be happy we get more Trigun. While both sides have some very valid points, we can’t help but be disappointed that episode one just proved to us that the creators aren’t interested in creating a Trigun Maximum anime, which is what most fans have been craving for over 20 years. Either way, though, here is why some Trigun Stampede fans are mad that the new series is not like the original, but not these ones and how they stand their ground.

Some Trigun Stampede Fans Are Mad the New Series Is Not Like the Original, but Not These Ones


The most significant pain point from fans is that Trigun Stampede is not faithful to the manga. Still, other fans remind them that the original anime also deviated from the manga more successfully. For example, the first manga chapter is episode 4 of the original anime. Vash’s angel arm doesn’t kill people in the anime, and Wolfwood doesn’t show up until after the fight against Monev the Gale. Knives and Legato were different characters between the two mediums, and the anime made up its ending since the manga was still being written at the time. Trigun Stampede may be deviating as well, but it is also bringing in plot points from the manga that we’ve never seen animated before, and we should give it a chance.

The second issue viewers have with Trigun Stampede is the use of CGI and the new character models. These fans dislike how the characters have been reimagined and are comparing them to the original. A fan from Japan brought up that the original anime was not as big of a success in Japan as it was in the United States, and the creators are trying to change that this time. For instance, the new Vash design is typical of what Japanese viewers like to see in their animes. Trigun Stampede is attempting to fix the failures of the original anime by adjusting the characters to fit their audience.

Finally, fans are disappointed that Millie is in the new series, and Meryl has been aged down and made to be cuter instead of a ballbuster. There are several fan theories about why both of these characters were handled by the new series creators the way they were, and it again comes down to their characters not fitting what the Japanese audience like. Another way the anime deviated is that these characters weren’t as important in the manga, which could also play a factor here.

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- This article was updated on January 12th, 2023