Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained: What Happens to Each Character?

Check out everything you need to know about the ending of Tokyo Revengers

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Tokyo Revengers officially ended with the release of its 278th chapter ”Revengers”. But how did the manga end? And more importantly, what happened to each character? Now, in order to answer that and more, here’s a complete overview of the ending of Tokyo Revengers, featuring a summary of it as well as how each main character ended up.

Tokyo Revengers Ending Explained

At the end of Tokyo Revengers, Takemitchy, after being impaled in his battle against Mikey ends up once again leaping through time, this time all the way to when he was in the first grade of elementary school. After meeting Mickey, who thanks to being the trigger for the leap regained his memories from the previous timeline, the two were then able to stop the tragic events featured in the previous timelines, such as the deaths of Hina, Draken, Ema, Shinichiro, and many more.

At the end of the series, we see all the former members of Tokyo Manji Gang, now 11 years after the disbandment of the gang as they attend Takemitchi and Hinata’s wedding ceremony.

What Happens to Each Character?

Takemichi Hanagaki and Hinata Tachibana

At the end of the story, Takemitchi and Hina finally get married, in a ceremony featuring all of the Tokyo Manji Gang’s former members.

Mikey, Draken, Ema, and Shinichiro Sano

Mikey becomes a professional motorcycle racer, with Draken serving as one of his team mechanics. Ema became a housewife and it’s implied that she and Draken did end up together. Shinichiro became the owner of his own motor shop.

Chifuyu, Baji, and Kazutora

Chifuyu became the president of a company that seems to be focused on pet care, while both Baji and Kazutora became his employees. Baji is also currently in the process of becoming a veterinarian. Apart from Mikey and Takemitchi, who still have their memories. Chiguyu also reveals that he still remembers fragments of the previous timeline.


As expected, Mitsuya became a prodigy fashion designer.

Naoto Tachibana

In this timeline, Naoto became a journalist for a niche publication.

Hakkai, Yuzuha, and Taiju

Hakkai became a model, with Yuzuha currently working as his manager. Taiju on the other hand became the owner of many establishments.

Koko and Inupi

Koko became the president of a successful company, as well as the main sponsor for Mikey and Draken’s racing team. While Inupi works for Shinichiro. In this timeline is implied that the incident that cost the life of Inupi’s sister never happened, given the disappearance of his scar.

Smiley and Angry

Both brothers are now the co-owners of a ramen-focused restaurant.

Pah-chin and Peh-yan

Both joined the real estate business. no further info was revealed.

Izana, Kakucho, and Mucho

Izana became the leader of a non-profit organization focused on the welfare of orphans. Kakucho, Mucho, as well as many other former Tenjiku members are also part of the organization.

The Haitani Brothers

The Brothers became successful club owners.

Sanzu, Senju, and Takeomi

Sanju and Senju became successful YouTubers, which Takeomi working as their manager.

Waka and Bankei

The two became the owners of a marital art’s focused gym.

Akkun, Takuya Yamamoto, Makoto Suzuki, and Kazushi Yamagishi

Akkun became a hairdresser. While Takuya became a pharmacist, Makoto a monk, and Kazushi a civil servant.


South became a martial arts heavyweight champion. It is unclear how Mickey and Tekemitchi meet him or how they were able to influence his life.

Kisaki and Hamma

Takemitchi was able to avoid Kisaki’s eventual downfall towards the wrong path by having him join the gang as one of its original members. He is currently the vice president of Koko’s company and is present at Takemichi and Hina’s wedding ceremony. Hamma, on the other hand, became a freelance photographer.

Tokyo Revengers is licensed in the US by Kodansha and you can currently purchase 27 of its volumes through official retailers. You can also watch all the episodes featured as part of the first season of its anime adaptation on Crunchyroll.

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2022

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