Top 11 Jujutsu Kaisen’s Female Characters

"What makes us obligated to meet such perfection or such absurd standards?"

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Nobara using her technique

Gege Akutami, the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, is incredible at creating female characters. The story has some of the best examples in the whole shonen demographic, like Nobara Kugisaki and Maki Zenin. The anime is getting its second season soon, so we’ll get the chance to see a bunch more of them. But before that, read on to see our top 11 Jujutsu Kaisen‘s female characters.

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Female Characters

Jujutsu Kaisen follows Yuji Itadori, an innocent boy who eats the finger of an evil spirit and becomes his vessel. To cage it and not let the spirit wreak havoc, he starts attending Jujutsu High, an educational institution dedicated to teaching the next generation of jujutsu sorcerers. You can watch it for free on Crunchyroll.

Let’s see what the best Jujutsu Kaisen female characters and sorcerers are.

11. Nagi Yoshino

Image: Crunchyroll

Nagi is the mother of Junpei Yoshino, a friend Itadori makes during an investigation. She is very friendly, cares a lot about her son, and bonds almost immediately with Itadori. She believed her son could take different paths in life and still succeed, so she gave him the freedom to do that.

10. Utahime Iori

Image: Crunchyroll

Utahime first appeared on the Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc. She is a semi-grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer and supervisor at Kyoto Jujutsu High. Our favorite thing is seeing her bicker with Satoru Gojo (even though she obviously hates it); Gojo knows precisely how to push her buttons, and it’s the funniest thing. Although she’s very strong, we still don’t know what her cursed technique is, only that it involves singing.

9. Hana Kurusu

Image: Crunchyroll

Hana is one of the players participating in the Culling Game, but she’s still a bit of a mystery. She also has an ancient sorcerer known as Angel inside her, quite similar to Itadori and Sukuna’s relationship, but hers with Angel is way friendlier. Since she was saved by Megumi as a child from a curse, she decided to dedicate her life to saving others. That also made her fall in love with him and want to protect him during the Culling Game.

8. Shoko Ieiri

Image: Crunchyroll

Shoko Ieri is a graduate of Tokyo Jujutsu High and one of the most different jujutsu sorcerers in the series. She studied with Gojo and Suguru Geto, but after graduating, she decided to become the school’s primary doctor instead of fighting curses and other sorcerers. She is also very laid-back, calm, and stoic, mainly during her job.

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7. Mei Mei

Image: Crunchyroll

Mei Mei is a grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer who works only in exchange for cash (not a surprise her favorite hobby is counting money). Nothing matters to her as long as she gets paid, and her relationships are based on money and how useful someone is to her. Despite that, she is friendly and recognizes people’s abilities and growth.

6. Riko Amanai

Image: Crunchyroll

Riko is a normal student designated to be the Star Plasma Vessel for Master Tengen’s merger. The Star Plasma Vessel is someone sacrificed to merge with Tengen and stop him from losing his self-awareness, a side-effect of his immortality. Riko lost her parents when she was four years old, and even though she was taken care of by Misato Kuroi, she believed himself to be all alone, thus not caring about the merger. Her arc is one of the best in the manga, and the way she is developed in it is one of the reasons for that.

5. Mai Zenin

Image: Crunchyroll

Mai is a second-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High and Maki Zenin’s twin sister. Mai preferred to act as a servant for the Zenin clan and do chores instead of being a sorcerer, but because of Maki’s rebellion, she was forced to do the grotesque work she hated so much. Then she started hating her sister, never acknowledging her potential and efforts. Mai also became very rude toward her rivals to hide her frustration.

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4. Kasumi Miwa

Image: Crunchyroll

Kasumi is another second-year at Kyoto Jujutsu High. She is very different from most of her classmates, as she is really kind, hard-working, and down to earth. Also, Kasumi is a sorcerer because she wants to make money, but differently from Mei Mei, it’s all to support her younger brothers. She is a caring person and even apologizes for her class attempting to kill Yuji Itadori.

3. Yuki Tsukumo

Image: Crunchyroll

Yuki is one of four special-grade jujutsu sorcerers and the most interesting of them. She disagrees with the higher-ups’ methods and travels searching for a way to make the world curse-free instead of fighting them all the time. She is extremely smart, powerful, and charismatic; because of that, she made a great impression on characters and fans alike. Yuki’s world views also serve as a direct counterpoint to the main villain’s perspective.

2. Maki Zenin

Image: Crunchyroll

Maki is a second-year at Tokyo Jujutsu High, being a senior to Itadori, Nobara, and Megumi. Even though she’s from one of the three great families, she is a noun-sorcerer. But that drives her to be so strong and want to become a great jujutsu sorcerer, thus escaping the shackles of her family. Maki is a great and respectable leader and guide, earning praise from both allies and enemies. Her relationship with her twin sister Mai and the Zenin clan is one of the best things about her, and it only gets better once further explored.

1. Nobara Kugisaki

Image: Crunchyroll

Nobara is a grade 3 jujutsu sorcerer at Tokyo Jujutsu High and of Jujutsu Kaisen‘s protagonists. Since she was a child, Nobara was confident and behaved differently than the rest of her town. She always wanted to leave for a big city and was drawn to outsiders, like Saori, a girl that deeply affected her. Nobara believes in herself a lot and desires to make her own path and stay true to herself; that to her is being beautiful and strong. Her sense of self and charisma made her get past tough times and are also why fans love her.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2023