Wayne Family Adventures – The Batfamily Webtoon is a Must-Read for Both Fanfiction and DC Fans

It's basically official Batfamily fanfiction, simply perfect.

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

Webtoons are already massive and becoming more popular every day. To join that market, DC Comics started producing Batman: Wayne Family Adventures in September 2021, and it has quickly turned into one of the most popular comics on WEBTOON, with more than 72 million views. If you like fanfiction or the DC Universe, the Batfamily webtoon is a must-read for you.

Why You Should Read Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

The new vigilante, Duke Thomas, a fan-favorite, moves to the Wayne manor and starts living together with Batman, the hundreds of Robins there, Orphan, and many other members of the family. The charming and light-hearted webtoon follows their daily lives and struggles, from dating problems to who will get to eat the last cookie at dinner. Each of the characters is portrayed perfectly, to the simplest detail. Wayne Family Adventures is easily the best ongoing Batfamily you can read now, and it’s available for free!

Each chapter focuses on the Batfamily interacting and being hilarious together, and some are centered on a specific character going through a problem or a mission, like Jason exploring his trauma and Stephanie feeling left out of the family. The creators deeply understand the characters and can write them in all types of situations. And they do that in a way that it’s easy for you to familiarize yourself with the Batfamily quickly, so you don’t need to know a lot about them to understand the jokes or the story.

Just seeing them in a slice-of-life style isn’t something we get a lot of in most comics; people only get to read those kinds of stories in bits of the DC lore and on fanfictions. The creators also understand that perfectly; sometimes, it really feels like you are reading fanfiction. And that is supported by the authors’ incredible comedic timing. These two elements are the core strengths of the webtoon.

Also, unfortunately, most DC comics are centered around the same characters, meaning that a lot of fan favorites don’t get a chance to shine. And, even if they do, there’s the risk of them not being portrayed faithfully. The DC webtoons give us new stories with underused characters with a lot of unexplored potential. For example, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown are two major characters in the webtoon but have constantly been forgotten during DC Comics’ history.

If you want more chances to see your favorite characters interacting and acting like a real family, then Wayne Family Adventures will be perfect for you. The webtoon’s second season is currently being published, with probably more to come. Go to WEBTOON, and don’t lose the chance to follow this hilarious comic.

- This article was updated on February 9th, 2023