Wednesday Actor Returns in Scream 6, and it Channels This Ridley Scott Horror Movie

What's your favorite scary movie... easter egg, from the Scream 6 official teaser trailer?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

The official teaser trailer for Scream 6 has been released, and we see Wednesday actor Jenna Ortega returning as well as a fun riff on a popular Ridley Scott horror movie. Scream 6 will leave small-town Woodsboro and take place in one of the biggest cities in the United States, New York City. This creative decision was made to keep the next sequel fresh with a new environment where Ghostface can terrify our favorite characters in new ways. The official teaser trailer shows the popular Wednesday actor returning, and it channels this Ridley Scott horror movie and so much more.

Wednesday Actor Returns in Scream 6, and it Channels This Ridley Scott Horror Movie

The teaser trailer was well worth the wait and had so many nuggets that we can’t wait for it to be released next year. Here are all the juicy parts of the official teaser trailer.

Jenna Ortega Returns in Scream 6


Jenna Ortega is this generation’s Scream Queen, and we were excited to see her enter the Scream franchise as Tara Carpenter. The Scream franchise is entering new territory and slowly handing the reigns over to a younger generation, which are all younger family members of the original characters. Tara is the sister of the main character in Scream 5, and she is attacked at the start of the movie (just like Drew Barrymore’s character) as bait for her sister to return to Woodsboro. Ortega will have a more prominent role in Scream 6, and she has also been the primary source of news regarding the production. For instance, she mentioned in an interview that Scream 6 is so bloody and action-packed that you will forget Nev Cambell’s exit.

Movie Horror References

The Scream franchise is known for subverting horror tropes and making fun references to other popular entries in the franchise. The teaser trailer alone has a tone blink, and you’ll miss them, so we expect more and are excited to see what else we can discover.



The teaser trailer shows Scream 6’s main characters on a crowded subway car during Halloween. They were surrounded by people in Ghostface masks and realized they might be in a bit of trouble. They are right because they see our Ghostface stalking them. Between each suspenseful part of the trailer, we get pieces of the iconic tagline being riffed: “In a city of millions no one hears you scream.” Let’s be honest with ourselves, though. The residents of New York would probably hear you scream but ignore them anyways, and you’d be another notch on Ghostface’s belt.

The original tagline is from Ridley Scott’s Alien: “In space no one can hear you scream.” We don’t know what is worse. Being alone in a spaceship with an alien or trapped in a massive city with Ghostface? Something tells us we should take our chances with a Xenomorph.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan


The teaser trailer shows Ghost Face stalking Tara, Sam, Chad, and Mindy in a crowded subway car in New York City. With how the Scream franchise likes to mock the horror genre, we can only imagine it will refer to another popular horror franchise, Friday the 13th, which had their masked killer visit New York City. Hint: He does make an appearance in the official teaser trailer.

Ready or Not


This is a fun easter egg because Samara Weaving makes her Scream 6 debut. This stranger at the subway station is dressed just like her character, Grace, from her most popular movie, Ready or Not.

Stab 6


Another fun thing that the Scream franchise likes to do is make a film franchise inside of the Scream universe that mocks itself. For example, this character is from Stab 6 and looks exactly like this lady on the phone (shirt, blood stains, and all).

Child’s Play


One of the original slashers and his wife make a brief appearance in the same shot as the other two. While Child’s Play takes place in Chicago, we are intrigued by a visit to New York City from our favorite killer dolls.

The Babadook


At the beginning of Scream 5, Tara talks with Ghostface about her favorite horror movie and how she loves elevated horror. Her favorite movie is The Babadook, which also appears in the trailer. The person dressed as The Babadook is standing behind Sam and Chad.



Characters from Jordan Peele’s Us, which Amber and Mindy talk about in Scream 5 while talking about the rules of horror movies, can be seen.



Pinhead from Hellraiser is also standing across from the Us characters looking a little too happy.



The most challenging horror movie character to see on the subway car is the main character from Midsommar, who can be quickly seen by the person wearing a floral crown.

The Shining


One of the twins from The Shining can also be seen standing in the subway car. I wonder where her sister went?

I Know What You Did Last Summer


This one might be a bit of a stretch, but the person standing to the right of Mindy could be the Fisherman killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer because of the bucket hat and what could be a slicker-style jacket. What do you think?

Nightmare on Elm Street


Freddy Krueger makes a brief appearance as he walks behind Sam’s character when she realizes something is wrong. This isn’t the first appearance that Freddy makes in the Scream franchise, as he does appear in the first as a janitor at Woodsboro High School.

Shaun of the Dead


A person dressed as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead is wearing a white shirt, tie, and red stain. How often do you think this person will be told, “you’ve got red on you” before the night ends?

There are a bunch more horror movie easter eggs in this trailer. How many can you find?

Scream 6 releases exclusively in theaters on March 10, 2023.

- This article was updated on December 16th, 2022

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