What is Tower of God About? Should You Read It?

Whatever you desire... is here.

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Bam almost finishing the test

Even before receiving an anime, Tower of God has been a huge success, with approximately a billion views and three million followers. Bam’s naive attempt to climb the tower, not for desire, but to find his friend, clashes with a massive harsh world full of mysteries and intrigues. We’ll help you decide if you should read this adventure or skip it.

Tower of God Plot


The Tower is where you’ll find what you desire, be it revenge, fame, power… anything. Bam enters it to find his only friend Rachel, who is climbing the Tower so she can see the stars and the world outside. He doesn’t understand that, as he is satisfied just being with her. He soon joins Khun and Rak, other regulars trying to go up for their own reasons, and they start taking the tests together. But Bam finds out he is an irregular, someone who didn’t get chosen by the Tower but entered on his own, meaning his challenges will be even harsher than expected.

And we get to see even more of the mysteries, beings, and places the Tower holds in the second season of the webtoon, which will also be adapted into anime in 2023, like lots of other anticipated sequels. That’s also when we are introduced to the second protagonist of the story; Wangnan is a boy who is stuck on the 20th floor of the Tower and wants to keep climbing in order to change it forever.

How will Wangnan’s team and his strange connection to the king of the Tower affect Bam and his friends? That’s another of the many mysteries the place presents us.

Should You Read Tower of God?


Tower of God definitely has some problems. The artwork is one of the main things that will drive people away, as the drawings are pretty lifeless and “okay” at best. But it does get better. From season 2 onwards, it starts to improve a lot, and it won’t bother readers anymore.

And even at the start, when the art is one of the weak points, the story and worldbuilding will surely keep you there. The pacing is quite balanced, and the author knows when to make it faster or slower to make you more engaged. The story has twists and turns, so going beyond the synopsis would hinder your experience a little. But it definitely is one of the best webtoons out there, mainly for beginners.

Bam, the main protagonist, is actually kind of bland, but his sincere nature makes him stand out a bit. If you love overpowered MCs, you’ll also love him, as he is one of the strongest characters we know in the Tower and just keeps getting more powerful. However, the other characters are what captivate you. Their relationships and backgrounds are really well-done. Everyone has a different reason to climb the Tower and for wanting to get stronger.

Every character gets their moment to shine. A lot of times, the manhwa stops focusing on Bam for a few chapters, and it’s probably one of the author’s best decisions. Seeing Khun’s relationship with his family, Wangnan’s past, and his desire to change the place, everyone keeps you engaged in some way.

If you haven’t started already, you definitely should start Tower of God. It’s available for free on WEBTOON.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023