What to Expect From Spy x Family Season 2?

Our favorite family goes on a cruise.

by Gabriel Rodrigues

Spy x Family was one of the best and most popular anime of 2022, so everyone wants to know what to expect from the second season and when it’ll be released. The endearing characters, cute scenes, and incredibly funny jokes made people fall head over heels for it.

2023 will be a huge year for the series, because it’ll also mark the release of its first feature film, as of now only titled Spy x Family The Movie.

Spy x Family Season 2 Plot

The first season ended in chapter 38 of the manga, but, from what we see in the trailer, the second season will probably start with chapter 15.5. In “Extra Mission 2,” Yor is very tired because of a gunshot, but Loid thinks she is upset with him and that it will eventually lead to the end of their fake marriage. To correct that he asks her out on a date.

The second season will be very centered on Yor, as it will also adapt the “Great Cruise Adventure Arc.” It is one of the most awaited stories in Spy x Family. We finally get to know more about Garden, the assassin organization that Yor works for; a lot is still unknown about it and the Shopkeeper, their boss, but we started getting glimpses of it. He tasks Yor with protecting a client while they flee to a foreign country by sea.

Anya participates in a raffle and with her luck (and powers, obviously) she wins a boat trip. By coincidence, it’s the same boat Yor will have to take to accomplish her mission. So the whole family gets to go on a big cruise, even though each one of them has different motives.

We still don’t know how many episodes season 2 will have, but if there are 25 again, we’re sure more story arcs can be adapted. The “Great Cruise Adventure” starts in chapter 43 and ends in 57, so it will probably be the end of the first part of the season.

Spy X Family Season 2 Release Date

Both the second season and the movie of Spy x Family are set to be released in 2023, but we don’t have any specific dates. As the trailer only showcased panels from the manga, it’s fair to say the production has, at most, only started at the end of December 2022. So the second season will probably air in July or October 2023, while the movie will be released in the Fall.

If the second season is also divided into two parts, we’ll probably only be able to watch the second part at the start of 2024.

Where to Read the Spy x Family Manga?

If you want to read the rest of Spy x Family, you have a few options, as there are many manga reader apps to use. You can use the Shonen Jump Manga+ app or the Viz Shonen Jump portal. As of the start of 2023, Spy x Family has 73 chapters, and you can read them for free using those options.

- This article was updated on January 5th, 2023

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