When is the Avatar The Way of Water DVD Release Date?

When can you own a copy of 2022's biggest movie?

by J.R. Waugh
Avatar Way of Water DVD Blu-Ray Release
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Avatar: The Way of Water stunned viewers with a gorgeous new look at Pandora at the end of 2022 with Jake Sully guarding his family against old foes. It was an adventure 13 years in the making, and with the enormous box office success of over $2.3 billion worldwide, director James Cameron is prepared to make the series a 5-film epic. But for fans wanting to keep a piece of this world for themselves, or for those who have waited to avoid packed theaters, a physical media release has been in demand. When does Avatar: The Way of Water release on DVD and Blu-Ray?

When Does Avatar: The Way of Water Come to DVD and Blu-Ray?

Avatar: The Way of Water does not have a specific release date yet for DVD or Blu-Ray but is likely to release in April 2023, or May at the latest. This is particularly likely due to the movie coming out digitally to view on demand on March 28, 2023. While Disney Plus does not appear to have it listed for its April 2023 release schedule, there’s always the possibility of it coming later to the streaming platform. However, for those who wish to see it and are finally seeing it not listed on the local theaters’ marquees, there are certainly options at the moment.

Where to Watch Avatar 2 On Demand

Watching Avatar: The Way of Water via its digital release, as opposed to DVD and Blu-Ray, is naturally more convenient as long as you’ve got a reliable internet connection. It is viewable in various levels of quality including 4K Ultra HD. The most common sources you can use are the following:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV
  • VUDU
  • YouTube Movies & Shows

Thankfully with this spread of options, there’s often at least one that’s available in your region. These are for on-demand viewing, meaning you’ll have to rent or purchase the movie to watch, and it is not part of a subscription plan. But with how much revenue the movie has already made, it’s clear people are willing to pay for the experience. If you can, though, be sure to hold out for any enhanced features or view on a screen capable of supporting the visuals as the film is quite striking in HFR.

- This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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