Who is the Kunoichi in Hell’s Paradise?

Who's Yuzuriha, the ninja from episode 2?

by J.R. Waugh
Yuzuriha Kunoichi Hell's Paradise Episode 5 Release
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Hell’s Paradise as a premise doesn’t seem like one where you should get particularly attached to its cast. Despite this, some characters seemingly draw the eye rather quickly, especially for viewers after episode 2 of the anime. One character that people might be curious about is the kunoichi who appears at the end of Hell’s Paradise episode 2, and she turns out to be an immensely popular, significant character. Be sure to read up, you’ll be seeing plenty of her in the future.

Who is Yuzuriha, the Kunoichi in Hell’s Paradise?

Yuzuriha, the kunoichi briefly teased at first, is a major member of the death row inmates brought to Shinsenkyo in Hell’s Paradise. She is both young in appearance and spirit, with a youthful charisma and carefree attitude that conceals a self-centered mindset. While she is outwardly pleasant, her instincts for self-preservation shine through time and again, seeing no reason to go above and beyond for fellow inmates.

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On top of this behavior, she has been shown as cruel to the point of it being a notable characteristic of hers and is powerfully seductive when she chooses to be. Her wiles might not have the pull on Gabimaru as she might hope but are sufficient to entrap others and bend them to her will. She is a proficient, competent ninja, and a ruthless criminal who demonstrates numerous times why she was given the death penalty.

What Are Yuzuriha’s Abilities?

As a kunoichi or female practitioner of ninja arts, Yazuriha’s abilities included substitution to evade attacks, exploitation of enemy weaknesses, and numerous abilities focused on weaponizing her body fluids. As a ninja, she is also proficient with kunai and other short bladed weapons. Yuzuriha is a user of Earth-attribute Tao, essentially a life-force energy similar to Naruto’s chakra.

Image: MAPPA

She has demonstrated remarkable endurance and proficiency in battle, making her a character to watch, despite Gabimaru’s display of violence being particularly awesome in episode 2. Gabimaru and Sagiri aren’t the only deadly fighters on the island, after all.

- This article was updated on May 2nd, 2023

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