Why Did Eleven Lose Her Powers in Stranger Things?

You will need to do more than walk. You will need to do more than run. You will need to fly.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering why Eleven lost her powers in Stranger Things? Her powers have saved her and her friends many times throughout the first three seasons, and it is hinted at during the ending of season 3 that she is in trouble. However, it is not until the beginning of season 4 that we realize how much trouble she is in. So why is that exactly? Why did Eleven suddenly lose her powers, and will she be able to get them back in time to save everyone again? Here is everything you need to know about why Eleven lost her powers in Stranger Things and how that will impact her and everyone else in Season 4.

Why Did Eleven Lose Her Powers in Stranger Things?


Dr. Brenner has the best explanation for why Eleven lost her powers. When the Mind Flayer attacked her at the Starcourt Mall, her power signals were scrambled, similar to how a stroke victim’s brain can have its signals become scrambled and cause them to forget how to do basic things. But, just as a stroke victim can relearn how to do those forgotten things, Eleven can also relearn how to use her powers.


Can Eleven Gain Her Powers Back in Stranger Things?


Yes, Eleven can regain her powers just as Dr. Brenner suggested. This is shown in part 2 of season 4 when she agrees to participate in the Nina Project. She can regain her powers and become even stronger by unlocking her memories using sensory deprivation. As Eleven relives her lost memories, we see her younger self begin to learn how to use her powers. In this way, the present eleven also remembers how to relearn her powers (and then some). She also learns the truth behind her time at Hawkins Laboratory and Number One.

Stranger Things season 4 is available to stream only on Netflix.

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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