Will Avatar 2 be on Disney+

Will the most anticipated sequel ever hit Disney+?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: 20th Century Studios and Disney

Are you wondering if Avatar: The Way of Water will be available to stream on Disney+? The pandemic has caused a lot of famous distributors and streaming platforms to either dual-release movies in theaters or solely on streaming platforms by avoiding the theaters altogether. Several factors cause this, and we have to take each movie individually to see if it makes sense how it is released. One production company may release a movie on a streaming platform, but not another one. Here is everything you need to know on if Avatar 2 will be on Disney+ when it releases.

Will Avatar 2 be on Disney+

No, Avatar 2 will not be on Disney+ when it releases on December 16, 2022. You will not be able to watch Avatar 2 on Disney+ until sometime in 2023, when it hits the streaming platform. 20th Century Studios have yet to give an official date other than 2023. For now, though, you can watch the original Avatar on Disney+ in preparation for the sequel’s release.

Why is Avatar 2 Only in Theaters?

The biggest and most important reason that Avatar 2 is only in theaters is its production budget. We need Avatar 2 to be one of the highest-grossing movies in film history to break even and succeed. We also need it to be successful if we want future sequels beyond Avatar 3. As James Cameron mentioned, the Avatar franchise’s fate is in the viewers’ hands. This box office success will also depend on foreign markets like China and India.

The second biggest reason That Avatar 2 is only in theaters is the film techniques used to make it benefit from theater formats like Imax that can utilize advanced 3D and surround sound. Cameron and the special effects company developed new filming methods using a combination of live-action filming in water with performance capture. To fully experience Avatar 2’s epic special effects and score, you need to see it in theaters if possible.

We will update this article once Cameron, 20th Century Studios, or anyone related to the Avatar franchise has given more information.

Avatar: The Way of Water will release in theaters on December 16, 2022.

- This article was updated on November 30th, 2022

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