Will there be a Walking Dead Season 12? Here’s Everything We Know

All good things must come to an end.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering if there will be a Season 12 of The Walking Dead? The awarding winning show has been on television since 2010. It is hard to imagine not having the series to follow after being invested in the characters’ lives for so long. We have felt like group members and learned how to navigate a zombie apocalypse should one arise in real life. One can hope, right? Here is everything we know about The Walking Dead season 12.

Will The Walking Dead have a Season 12?

Unfortunately, there will not be season 12 of The Walking Dead. AMC announced in 2020 that The Walking Dead would end with Season 11. The final season will consist of 24 episodes, with the series finale airing on November 20, 2022, on AMC.

The Walking Dead was not canceled. Instead, the showrunners felt season 11 was the best place to end the main series. While this is a sad development, we were treated to some of the best episodes in television history that we won’t soon forget.

What’s Next for The Walking Dead?

Don’t be too sad about the main series ending as you will be treated to three additional spin-offs featuring your favorite characters. The following three spin-offs have been officially announced and are currently in development:

  • The Walking Dead: Dead City: Maggie and Negan head to the Big Apple for even more zombie fun. Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are set to reprise their roles.
  • Daryl Dixon: This untitled spin-off will focus entirely on Daryl as he is dropped into Paris, France. We can only imagine his personality clashing with those in Paris will result in great TV. Norman Reedus is set to reprise his role as Daryl.
  • Rick Grimes and Michonne: This untitled spin-off will be a limited-run series set after the events of Season 9. We are excited to continue Rick and MIchonne’s story. Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira are set to reprise their roles.

If you can’t wait for any of the new projects, then catch up on the other The Walking Dead spin-offs that offer plenty of zombie action:

  • Fear The Walking Dead
  • Tales of the Walking Dead
  • The Walk Dead: World Beyond

The eleventh season of The Walking Dead is currently airing on AMC.

- This article was updated on November 15th, 2022

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