How to Fast Travel in Pokemon Let’s Go

by AOTF Staff

Once you’ve explored in Pokemon Let’s Go you may be wanting to find a quicker way to jump between cities with fast travel.  You can fast travel in Pokemon Let’s Go, but you will have needed to progress to Celadon City to unlock the ability to do so.

Fast travel in Pokemon Let’s Go can only be done if you’ve unlocked the Sky Dash ability.  To get this ability which lets you fast travel you will need to head to the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City and discover an area near the arcade and pass through a series of battles.  Simply head to the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City and inspect the poster of a rocket near the arcade.  After doing so you will need to progress through a series of battles and puzzles.  Once you’ve beaten the boss in this area you will see a new character outside of the arcade that has the Sky Dash Fast Travel mechanic for you to learn.

You can fast travel in Pokemon Let’s GO

After you’ve unlocked Sky Dash you will be able to fly and use fast travel in Pokemon Let’s Go.  Any time that you want to travel between cities you can use this ability by using the instructions that follow.  Just open up your menu by pressing the X button.  From there select the yellow bag option, and then select the town map.  Once you’ve got the map open you can select any area that you would like to fast travel to.