Pokemon Let’s Go How to Get Candy

by AOTF Staff

Getting candy is one of the best ways to level up your Pokemon and make them more powerful.  The good news is that you can get candy at any time in Pokemon Let’s Go by sending the Pokemon that you don’t want back to Professor Oak.  The Professor will thank you for sending him Pokemon by giving you different types of candy that you can feed your Pokemon to make them stronger in different areas.

To do this you’re going to have to head into the box menu and go into your Pokemon Box and select which Pokemon that you want to send back to Oak.   To do that just hit the X Button while in the game and then select the yellow Bag Option.  Once in the bag menu you can select Pokemon Box.  From the Pokemon Box menu just highlight the Pokemon that you want to trade for candy and press the A button.  Doing so will bring up a menu that includes the option to send a Pokemon to Professor Oak.

You can continue to send up to 30 Pokemon to Oak for the transfer.  Press Y and then you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to send the Pokemon.  Press Yes and you’ll get a short message from the Professor thanking you for the help with his research.  Afterwards a rewards screen will pop up with the candy that you’ve earned.  There are many different types of candy in Pokemon Let’s Go.  You can check out what types of candy is available by looking at the list below.

Pokemon Let’s Go Candy Types

  • Health Candy : +1 HP
  • Mighty Candy : +1 Attack
  • Tough Candy: +1 Defense
  • Smart Candy: +1 Special
  • Courage Candy: +1 Special
  • Quick Candy: +1 Speed
  • Pokemon Candy: +1 All Stats
  • Rare Candy: Increase Level by 1

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2018