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Call of Duty WW2 Guide: What Are Armory Credits & How to Get Them

by William Schwartz


Armory Credits are a new form of currency in Call of Duty WW2.  These credits will allow you to purchase items in the Epic Weapon and Uniform Collections that are needed to complete sets to unlock Epic pieces of gear.

Armory Credits aren’t that hard to come by if you know how the progression system works and the different types of challenges that are available to you in Headquarters.

Alongside the ability to spend Armory Credits on gear to complete sets, this currency can be used to purchase contracts from the Quartermaster which will give you the opportunity to earn different rewards like Rare Supply Drops and XP Bundles.  Contract vary in terms of how many Armory Credits they cost.

Usually the harder the contract is, the less it costs.  Armory Credits can also be used for other things in Headquarters.  There’s an RnR (Rest and Relaxation) tent that has a number of retro Activision games that can be played for 10 Armory Credits per turn.

How to get Armory Credits Fast

There’s really no farming method that we found for Armory Credits but there are a few ways that you can get them steadily.

The first and most reliable way of growing your credits is to not take on the Quartermaster Challenges.  While the Rare Supply Drops are tempting, the requirements are often tough and can deplete your Armory Credits in the process.

Instead of the Quartermaster, if you’re looking to do challenges head over to Major Howard for Daily, Weekly, and Special Orders which will give you a chance at earning Armory Credits, Rare Supply Drops, and other items like Social Score, and XP Boosts.

Your Social Score also has milestones attached to it.  The more things you do in Headquarters the higher your Social Score will go.  Certain milestones will reward you with a bunch of Armory Credits.

Lastly, make sure you check your mail every time you head into Headquarters.  Every few hours your mail will reset and you’ll get 100 credits to spend on whatever you like.

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