Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: What is Bluegleam & Where to Find It

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The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn introduces a new item into the game that Aloy can find in the new area.  Early in the downloadable content on your way to The Shaman’s Path you’ll encounter a merchant that will accept Bluegleam as a currency to trade in.  This precious blue crystal can be found in numerous areas of The Frozen Wilds, by both exploration and through completing quests.

Taking the Shaman’s Path and completing this quest will get you started with your first batch of Bluegleam.  Some you’ll get by scavenging the area leading into the area where you’ll first encounter Ourea.  The reward for completing The Shaman’s Path quest will net you +6 Bluegleam and another single shard of the currency will be found on your way to the bunker.

A merchant at the foot of the Shaman’s Patch will allow you to trade this currency for powerful items.  He’ll offer the Banuk Champion Bow (12 Bluegleam), Banuk Powershot Bow (14 Bluegleam), Banuk Striker Bow (16 Bluegleam).  Bluegleam can also be traded for other things with this merchant.  You can purchase exclusive outfits for Aloy, like the Banuk Ice Hunter (14 Bluegleam), Carja Blazon Master (16 Bluegleam), and Nora Silent Hunter Master (18 Bluegleam).  A number of different loot boxes can be purchased with Bluegleam as well.

Further along in The Frozen Wilds DLC quests you’ll encounter another character named Sekuli that will allow you to purchase a map of places within the zone that will give you hints on the map as to where you might find more Bluegleam.  This map can be purchased for 250 Metal Shards, 1 Goat Skin, and 1 Badger Bone.

As the difficulty in The Frozen Wilds DLC ramps up quite quickly, it’s important to collect as much Bluegleam as you can during your time in this zone and try and collect these powerful weapons.

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