Kingdom Come: Deliverance Guide How to Customize Your Character

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In Kingdom Come: Deliverance there is a deep customization system at play.  Players have the ability to outfit their character with a number of different items from shoes to hats, just about every aspect of the main can be customized to suit any sort of play style.

Unlike a lot of role playing games, Kingdom Come: Deliverance does not feature any character sliders to change the visual appearance of your character without gear.  All of the customization for the main character comes in the form of equipment and weapons, which there are plenty of to find by playing the game.

Once you do collect new equipment and weapons, changing your items is done in the inventory menu using down on the directional pad.  In this menu you can tab through weapons and armor.  Players can customize their characters armor in a number of different ways.

Body & Arms

  • Outer Garmet
  • Body Plate
  • Body Chainmail
  • Body Garmet

Feet & Legs

  • Leg Chainmail
  • Leg Plate
  • Leg Hose
  • Boots


  • Helmet
  • Coif
  • Head Chainmail
  • Neck Chain


  • Off Hand
  • Main Hand
  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Ring
  • Spurs

All of these different items can be found out in the world.  Players can loot enemies that they vanquish, they can steal from other people, and they can purchase items.

The player character model cannot be customized from the default appearance of Henry.

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