Kingdom Come: Deliverance How to Make Saviours Schnapps

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There are few different ways to save in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.  You can find those in our guide to saving, but one of the alternatives is by using a potion in the game called Saviours Schnapps.  This potion allows you to save when you want to, but you’ll need to do some alchemy work if you want to keep them on-hand.

To make the saving Schnapps you’ll need to find an Alchemy table.  These can be located in any number of towns and areas.  Once you’ve gotten to an Alchemy table you’ll need to use the following ingredients to make these game saving Schnapps.

Saviours Schnapps Ingredients

  1. Wine
  2. Belladonna x 2

You’ll need to go through all of the alchemy processes to make these potions, but they’re worth it.  Since the game only supports auto-saving after major quest objectives are completed, there will undoubtedly be times when you’ll want to have the ability to save the game when you want.  The Savior Schnapps recipe will come in handy as these instances occur.  The game will not allow you to carry an unlimited number of Saviour Schnapps so you’ll need to frequently visit the Alchemy bench if you want to have the ability to save when you want and you aren’t nearby one of the other manual save spots.

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