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Kingdom Come: Deliverance How to Win at Dice Gambling

by William Schwartz


Kingdom Come: Deliverance features Dice Gambling in a game called Farkle.  Just about every town with a tavern has the game in it, and by getting good at it you can win money from your opponent.  In Farkle you’ll play against one other person and the goal is to reach a certain number of points.

Each turn starts out with six dice with the rules being that 1’s are worth 100 points and 5’s are worth 50 points.  After every roll of the DICE at least one die must be set aside.  But players can score points by select ones and fives from the roll for sure points, or you can try to get combinations of three with any single roll.

If you don’t have any scoring dice on any given roll, any points made during that turn are forfeited and then it’s the other player’s turn.  The objective is score as many points as possible without losing out.  The less dice you have to roll, the higher the probability that you’ll bust.  So it’s wise to book sure points and pass the dice to the other player when the chances are highest that you’ll not be able to roll either a combination, a one, or a five.

Since combinations are very valuable, your strategy for the dice game in Kingdom Come: Deliverance could be to not set aside every scoring DICE to boost your chances for combinations.  It is possible to find loaded dice in the game, which will allow you to cheat at the game.

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