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NBA 2K19 How to Flop

Here's how to fall down in NBA 2K19

by William Schwartz


Flopping isn’t one of the most effective basketball moves, but it’s a real thing in the NBA so NBA 2K19 features it as well.  Players can actually press a button to flop on the ground whether close to players or not.

How to Flop in NBA 2K19

  • Press B Button Twice (Xbox)
  • Press Circle Button Twice (PlayStation)

Flopping in NBA 2K19 is pretty easy to do.  Simply double tap the B button to flop to your heart’s content. Flopping will instantly send your player falling to the ground and it does take a few seconds to recover from flopping so it’s not a very good strategy to implement.

Flopping can also be used when pressing the B button to attempt to take a charge.  Just hold the B button to take a charge and then double tap to fall backwards when an opponent is coming towards you.  We’ve yet to get this to translate into a charging call but if you’re going to try and take the charge you might as well sell it.

Flop Controls NBA 2K19

Flopping in NBA 2K19 Can be done by pressing the B Button (Xbox), Circle Button (PlayStation).

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