All Jackbox Party Pack Games, Ranked

Find out which Jackbox Party Pack game is the best of the best!

by Kara Phillips


When it comes to party games, The Jackbox Party Pack collection has been a constant in gamers’ libraries. It’s hard to find yourself in a social situation where Jackbox isn’t involved or spoken about, and the franchise has been highly praised since its initial release. But with eight packs and a total of thirty-five games, it feels like Jackbox has seen it all. While some of these games have been a godsend, you can’t deny that Jackbox has missed the mark on more than one occasion. Read on to discover the ranking of every Jackbox Party Pack Game to date.

Every Jackbox Party Pack Game, Ranked

If you have a group of like-minded gamers, you must be familiar with a handful of Jackbox titles. You’ll know the formula by now whether you’ve only experienced a few quick rounds of Quiplash or spat some bars in Mad Verse City. When ranking each Jackbox Party Pack game, several factors come into play. Replayability is one of the most important, as party games are meant to have an evergreen feel. The second a game becomes stale or boring, it’s cast aside by a group and never picked up again. Because of this, not every Jackbox game is a winner.

It depends on the players when it comes down to which Jackbox game is best, but the franchise’s popularity has allowed many players to voice their opinions on each installment. Of course, it predominantly rests on your friendship group to decide which game will come out on top, but there are a few that players consider the best of the best, no matter what.

The Jackbox Party Pack

The first Jackbox Party Pack was an essential addition to every gamer’s library for a long time. But many players can’t help but feel many of its games have lost their charm over the years. That said, games like Drawful and Fibbage have been re-released several times throughout the Jackbox timeline, but the original always reigns supreme.

5/5 Word Spud

Word Spud is one of Jackbox’s most forgotten minigames, and it doesn’t have much content to keep players coming back repeatedly. As a result, it doesn’t feel like a Jackbox game, making it stagnant after a few rounds. Also, while the music gives it that accompanying, tense, Jackbox feels, it’s not something you’d reach for.

4/5 Lie Swatter

Lie Swatter may be fast-paced, but that doesn’t make it fun. It’s nowhere near as engaging as otherJackbox games, and it’s essentially just a race to see who can answer the question the fastest. So even if you sit back and press the first you can, there’s still a 50% chance you’ll score the most points.

3/5 You Don’t Know Jack 2015

There’s no denying that You Don’t Know Jack is fun for the first few rounds. Its pun-filled trivia routine is charming for a first-time player, but gamers who have consistently come back to Jackbox will feel pretty bored of this title by now.

2/5 Fibbage XL

Fibbage is a super recognizable release within the Jackbox franchise, so it’s only fair to rank highly on the list. Anything requiring players to ‘fill in the blanks’ will always show the proper side of someone’s humor and create unforgettable memories.

1/5 Drawful

Drawful is arguably one of the most popular and highly praised Jackbox games, and it’s hard to believe that this quickfire art-based challenge will ever lose its charm. Drawful is a bundle of fun, even for those with no artistic ability.

The Jackbox Party Pack 2

The release of the second Party Pack had some big boots to fill, especially after how popular the first release was, and it’s a little blurry whether the role was filled or not. Although Party Pack 2 is incredibly fun when you pick it up for the first time, it’s essentially only redeemed by Quiplash and occasionally Fibbage 2. With a large variety of Party Packs released now, it’s hard to see this release as one people would go for.

5/5 Bidiots

Bidiots isn’t a flawed concept for a game, and there is a level of fun with it, but it’s so slow compared to other Jackbox party games, and you might as well set up a board game and play that during rounds. It’s fun at first but swiftly loses its charm.

4/5 Earwax

Earwax is a peculiar addition to the franchise, and there’s a reason it hasn’t had its formula repeated in future releases. It has next to no replayability; if anything, the humor is slightly too childish to be a good and engaging party game for gamers to invite their friends to join.

3/5 Bombcorp

Bombcorp is surprisingly tense and can be fun with the right people, but there’s still something that lacks. It relies heavily on teamwork since certain players will have information that others don’t, and you’ll need to diffuse the bomb before the entire team loses. It’s fun but lacks the fast-paced nature of a party game. This one is much better with a smaller group of friends.

2/5 Fibbage 2

Since the first Fibbage game was so highly praised, it was expected that a second ‘version’ would release with slightly more content. Instead, it follows the same formula as the first game but adds a few new questions, so there’s no pressure for it to be a shiny new game, making it a fun addition to the collection.

1/5 Quiplash

Quiplash is possibly the only game within this pack to keep players coming back. Standing as one of the best Jackbox, it perfectly captures the franchise’s essence. It’s fast, fun, and a great party game for any number of players.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Following the slight disappointment from the second Party Pack, the third installment to the franchise delivers. The majority of games within this pack are consistently fun to come back to time and time again, and even the addition of the second Quiplash feels new and exciting. Most players will skip the second release and go straight to the third, and it’s easy to see why.

5/5 Guesspionage

Guesspionage is the token trivia game in Party Pack 3, and it isn’t as fun as others within the franchise. It adds a new twist by incorporating statistics into the game, so it can be pretty stale if your group isn’t good with numbers. It’s not a game many would go out of their way to play.

4/5 Fakin It

Fakin It is fun, but veterans of Jackbox will find themselves repeating actions if they consistently end up being the Faker. It’s fun to try and blend in, which seems to be a theme Jackbox rely on quite heavily throughout their games, but it’s a very action-based game, which makes it a lot more challenging.

3/5 Quiplash 2

Following Quiplash’s popularity, the second edition has the same premise with new questions, which seems to be a repeated theme in Jackbox Party Packs. A new addition is made through the ability for players to add their own questions, which adds a unique element to the experience, and ensures it never feels too stale, given you don’t recycle the same humor each time.

2/5 Trivia Murder Party

Trivia Murder Party is a perfect example of when Jackbox nails a trivia game. If your group is super into trivia, this game could be a fan favorite, but if you aren’t willing to sit down and invest your time into it, it can be a bust. Nevertheless, it’s a fun, horror-based quiz show for players to delve into and is highly praised by most players.

1/5 Tee K.O

Tee K.O feels like a combination of Quiplash and Drawful while also bringing something new forward. It never feels stale and can be a perfect game for players to laugh at. Additionally, if you create a t-shirt design you particularly love, you can bring it to life and buy it. Much like Drawful, there’s no need to have any artistic skill, and there’s no need to think of witty captions; it’s just some wholehearted fun.

The Jackbox Party Pack 4


Party Pack 4 continues nicely on from the success of its predecessor and continues to introduce a lot of fun, even though it has a few potholes with games like Bracketeering. The more people you have with this pack, the more fun you’ll have.

5/5 Bracketeering

Brackteering is not worth playing and is even boring for a new-time player. So out of every Jackbox Party Pack game, it would probably fall close to the bottom of the ranks. It’s essentially Quiplash but doesn’t have the same fast-paced humor due to the prompted answers. It’s a miss.

4/5 Survive the Internet

Similar to the first experience with Quiplash, Surv ve the Internet requires a quick wit to win. So there’s a lot of pressure on players to be funny, which can sometimes feel detrimental to just having a good time. Nevertheless, because of the necessary requirements, this game can occasionally create some hilarious memories, aside from the pressure to be funny.

3/5 Civic Doodle

Civic Doodle is fun for a few rounds out of every game in the fourth Party Pack. The only downside is how long the game can be for little payoff. There’s an opportunity for it to be f n and amusing, but after a few rounds, it loses its charm, and most players give up thinking of anything fun to add.

2/5 Fibbage 3

Fibbage 3 plays on the previous two games and adds a new mode to keep things fresh. It’s just as fun as the last, so if you’ve played them, you know what to expect.

1/5 Monster Seeking Monster

Monster Seeking Monster is a fun, dating app-like game where everyone adopts an anonymous personality. It’s fun and fast and could reveal some truths about e ch other. The childlike glee from playing truth or dare emanates within this game, which is why it ranks highly.

The Jackbox Party Pack 5

The fifth Jackbox Party Pack doesn’t feel particularly special whatsoever. Although it has some unique games like Mad Verse City and Patently Stupid, it misses the mark of a consistently good party game. If you’ve played it more than once, you may have felt as though it was a bit stale in places, and it doesn’t really have much to offer outside a few rounds and a laugh here and there.

5/5 You Don’t Know Jack

The second version of You Don’t Know Jack offers hardly anything new regarding formula, so it is the first game recycled with new questions. Because of this, it’s not worth playing. At its core, it’s a fun trivia game the first time, but nothing special.

4/5 Zeeple Dome

Zeeple Dome felt like a new experience in the Jackbox series, relying more heavily on an action-packed, hands-on experience rather than something to get you thinking, but it missed the mark entirely. If You Don’t Know Jack wasn’t so bland, this game would quickly take bottom rank.

3/5 Split the Room

Split the Room has a similar layout to Quiplash, but it’s nowhere near as fun. It feels like a filler game within the pack and doesn’t offer anything new besides actively encouraging players to divide into two halves. It’s best with a larger group and easy to avoid for close-knit, like-minded friends.

2/5 Patently Stupid

Patently Stupid is like advising a drunk friend creating a mountain out of a molehill. Because of this, it’s an enjoyable experience and rarely feels stale. If you play it often, challenge yourself never to recycle old answers to keep the game fresh and fun. Solutions must then be created into products to sell, so it has a lot of similar factors to games like Talking Points, but with a little more depth.

1/5 Mad Verse City

Since Drawful is for artists, Mad Verse City is perfect for aspiring musicians. But even then, it’s ideal for players without a musical bone. If you know how to rhyme, you can have a great time with this game, musician or not.

The Jackbox Party Pack 6

Par y Pack Six has perks but falls within the strange limbo of not-quite-classic party games. Of course, Joke Boat and Push the Button are fun now and then, but it’ll be a few months before each experience with this game to ensure it doesn’t get repetitive. Similar to the previous pack, it lacks the drive to keep you returning, especially when so many iconic games feel smoother from the first few packs.

5/5 Dictionarium

Dictionarium has the potential to be a fun party game, but it lacks individuality. There are too many games like it to create something funny and unique, and there’s too much reliance on being practical than being fun. As a result, it quickly falls flat and lacks the same humor you’d get from other games.

4/5 Push the Button

If you liked Among Us, you’d probably enjoy Push the Button. Similarly, it doesn’t feel exciting, and it’s easy to tell who is acting suspiciously. It feels like Fakin’ It without the need to act quickly, and due to all happening on-screen, it takes away from the in-person fun of the genre.

3/5 Trivia Murder Party 2

The second Trivia Murder Party doesn’t offer much new content compared to its predecessor and follows the same horror-like Trivia Show formula. It has some more engaging minigames and a more satisfying ending, but there’s nothing much to keep it fresh. It can be fun as a one-off or if you haven’t played the first version, but outside of that, it’s hit-and-miss.

2/5 Role Models

Role Models is a fun game for friends who know the ins and outs of one another, but outside of that, it can feel like walking on eggshells. Because of that, it’s the perfect game for close-knit companions to play with one another, but it might be a bit uncomfortable otherwise. If you’ve played That’s You on Playstation, it has the same style of gameplay with a Jackbox charm attached.

1/5 Joke Boat

Joke Boat feels like Mad Verse City but has more difficulty. Rather than thinking of a simple rhyme and structuring your answer around that, there’s a lot more pressure to think of a real, sensical punchline. Nevertheless, given your quick wit to pull it off, it’s fun. It’s the only game within the pack that feels genuinely funny.

The Jackbox Party Pack 7

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 doesn’t have much to say for itself. Much like number 2, it’s fun at first but doesn’t have much substance to keep players coming back and selecting this pack over others. Although it presents a lot of new game modes, none of them feel particularly special.

5/5 The Devil and the Details

The Devil and the Details build upon the failed foundations of Zeeple Dome, and while it’s significantly better than the first, it still massively lacks content to keep you engaged. This game is similar to BombCorp but less tense and fun.

4/5 Champ’d Up

This game requires a group of incredibly creative people to be fun, and a lot of thinking is involved. It’s got similar energy to Drawful but with more restrictions, so you need to be talented with a pen to pull this one off. Too much refinement takes away from the frantic fun of Jackbox.

3/5 Blather Round

Blather Round takes on a Pictionary-style formula which can be fun for fast thinkers. No art is required, but you must be good with adjectives to sell your prompt. It’s fun for a few rounds but not as hands-on as other Jackbox games. As a result, it’s more of a Sunday afternoon enjoyment than a party game.

2/5 Talking Points

Talking Points is one of Party Pack 7’s redeemable factors, and pitching stupid products to your friends in a power-point style is always fun. This game feels like Patently Stupid but removes the layer of coming up with the solution yourself. Instead, you stand up and prepare to pitch and sell an object while remaining as serious as possible.

1/5 Quiplash 3

If you’ve played the previous 2, you’ll already have a feel for Quiplash 3. It offers nothing but new prompts yet still stands as one of the best Jackbox games to be created.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8

The release of the eighth Party Pack was highly anticipated by every fan of the Jackbox franchise, mainly because it promised a roster of entirely new games rather than the next installment to some of its more famous predecessors. Even the addition of Drawful Animate introduces something new to the formula, even though it carries the same title.

5/5 The Wheel of Enormous Proportion

Jackbox trivia games are always hit-or-miss, and it’s safe to say that The Wheel of Enormous Proportion doesn’t quite fit the bill. The game is focused far too much on luck, which may be hinted at within its title, and it’s paced too slow for it to feel frantic and fun. Gameplay is also pretty convoluted, which isn’t what you want for a party game.

4/5 Drawful Animate

Drawful Animate takes the adoration everyone has for Drawful and adds a layer of complexity by challenging players to draw a two-frame animation. So even though there’s a higher level of creativity involved, there’s still something about it that lacks originality. Unlike Drawful, players need some artistic ability to play this game. Otherwise, it feels a bit messy.

3/5 The Poll Mine

The Poll Mine adopts family-feud style gameplay, ranking each player’s answers against one another. It’s fun with more people rather than a close-knit group of friends, so if you’re looking for an all-inclusive party game, this might be the one to aim for. Once again, it’s fun, but it takes a while to get into the groove of things rather than being quick and easy like Fibbage or Quiplash.

2/5 Weapons Drawn

Weapons Drawn is a shockingly complex addition to the franchise, so if you have some time to spare, this game may be a good fit for you and your friends. It has a similar formula to Drawful but adds a layer of complexity by limiting the freedom players have to draw whatever they want. It’ll take a few playthroughs to get the hang of it, but it’s undeniably fun when you do.

1/5 Job Job

Job Job puts a clever twist on the routine of Quiplash, limiting players to their opponents’ linguistic abilities in the preliminary round to continue the game. It’s hilarious and fast, and unlike many other Jackbox games, no two experiences are the same. Unlike Quiplash, it doesn’t put players on the spot to think of witty and unique answers, so there’s a much smaller amount of pressure on every player.

The Jackbox Party Pack(s) 1-8 are available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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