EA App vs. Origin: All Differences and Similarities explained

Origin users need to start saying goodbye to the veteran launcher.

by Carlos Hurtado


PC gamers have plenty of options when it comes to game launchers. Many players have gone through plenty of them, and a handful of them have survived the test of time. Giants like Steam and Epic Games have gathered an endless library of titles from multiple genres, and gamers worldwide have been using them for years. Now gamers have a new contender, the EA app is available now, and many players aren’t aware of all the differences and similarities between the EA app and Origin, so get ready to learn about the new launcher that will dominate EA’s fanbase.

EA App vs. Origin: All Differences and Similarities Explained

Many PC gamers are not too excited about having another gaming launcher on their desktops, and now Electronic Arts released a new contender that may persuade a portion of the PC crowd. Many veteran players already have Origin and are now wondering if the newly released EA app is different. If you are one of the few players who are still hesitant to uninstall Origin and join Electronic Arts’ new app, get ready to find out about all the similarities and differences between the two.

When it comes to similarities, is important to highlight that both game launchers were developed by Electronics Arts, so they will share the same libraries. Letting Origin users transfer their games to the new EA app without losing their favorite titles from recent years. Something that will entice Origin users to go to what could be the biggest competitor to Steam and Epic Games.

Besides sharing the same game libraries, both apps allow players to unlock achievements, access multiplayer titles, add friends to their friend lists, and much more. Electronics Arts is advertising the EA app as Origin’s successor, so PC gamers should expect a more polished and up-to-date version of Origin when downloading and using the EA app.

These two apps stand out from each other when gamers start to consider some of the new features. According to Electronics Arts’ official website, the EA app will allow players to connect with their friends no matter which platform they are thanks to their new system.

EA’s app will also let players perform automatic and background downloads, so players are ready to access their games at all times without being bothered by unexpected updates.

Electronic Arts have been very clear with its statements, so players should not get too attached to Origin. The EA app is Origin’s successor, and they made sure everything from game saves, DLCs, and achievements are transferred to the new launcher. Origin users should get an email detailing all the steps they will need to take to make this transition as smooth as possible, so Origin users should be on the lookout for an email from Electronic Arts.

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