Skate’s Free-to-Play Future is Not a Good Sign for the Game

Skate will be going the free-to-play route.

by Carlos Hurtado


Looks like Skate will be joining the free-to-play category once it releases, and this puts some players in a thought spot. Free-to-Play titles have been famous for letting players enjoy the experience for free with some optional payments, but some of them have managed to scare many players with their aggressive monetization tactics and unbalanced paid items and weapons.

Skate was announced in 2020, and recently it has gotten some attention from fans of the series. Not too long ago, some users managed to crack an old build of the game, and it showed fans how the developers were making progress on the game, and the official Skate Youtube have been busy sharing updates and footage of the progress they have made in the last months. The game does not have a release date yet, but that has not stopped the gaming community from looking for information about the title.

Not too long ago, a Twitter user called Tom Henderson shared the fact that Skate will be going the free-to-play route once it releases, and many fans of the series have been sharing their concerns about this. Very few games have managed to make the free-to-play model work, and many are the brave developers who go through the idea and months or years later, regret it. In theory, the free-to-play model is great, but on paper, developers have made big mistakes that cost them their community. The free-to-play model puts Skate’s future in an uncertain direction, many players are surprised about this decision, and many of them are concerned about the microtransactions and paid content they will have to face.

Other users have taken the news with humor, tweeting and talking about how they will have to pay $9.99 to do an ollie or $4.99 to do a kickflip. Going the free-to-play route does not mean Skate will be a failure, but many games have failed under this model. Games like Warframe, War Thunder, Dota 2, and even Fortnite have been able to have great success with the free-to-play model, but this has been everything but easy.

A few months ago, many fans and websites were talking about Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions and how some users were spending hundreds of dollars to avoid grinding through levels to obtain items and level up their character. We can only hope Skate’s developers have taken notes regarding games like these and avoid these terrible cases.

Skate does not have a release date, and it will be available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

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