Soulframe Will Have One Key Difference From Warframe

Soulframe will not be a sequel to Warframe.

by Carlos Hurtado


Soulframe is the newest project of Digital Extremes. You may not know what games Digital Extremes has worked on, but many players will be surprised by the answer. Digital Extreme is the studio responsible for Warframe, the acclaimed free-to-play title that, after almost ten years on the market, has managed to retain a meaningful player base that keeps growing after every update.

Soulframe was announced on Tennocon a couple of days ago, and Warframe fans have been excited ever since. Digital Extremes had trademarked Soulframe for a while, but no one knew what that meant. Well, turns out that, Soulframe is the new project that Steve Sinclair and the older generation of the Warframe team will be leading. This title is not going to be Warframe’s sequel, but a title that will coexist within the same universe.

Two days ago, The Washington Post published an article sharing some details regarding Soulframe. According to the article, Soulframe will have some differences that will separate it from Warframe. Besides the setting and aesthetics of the game, the developers talked about how different will the combat and movement be. Soulframe’s combat will be melee-focused, and its movement will be slow and heavy. This is different when compared to Warframe’s gameplay. Soulframe will still focus on cooperative player versus environment, so it will share Warframe’s focus.

Soulframe‘s trailer leaves a lot to the imagination, even though this is a CGI trailer with an enticing narration and aesthetic. Knowing the team’s work put some trust in it. The trailer has some Dark Souls vibes, the narration sounds like something out of Elden Ring, and the medieval aesthetic makes it feel even more like it.

The developers explained that the Souls part of the title did not mean the game was going to be similar to the Dark Souls series, so Warframe fans should not expect Digital Extremes’ version of Dark Souls. The developers are excited about this new blank canvas in which they are going to put all their ideas, although they state that leaving Warframe feels like leaving your home for the first time. This is more than understandable; Steve Sinclair has been working on Warframe for ten years, so leaving Warframe feels bittersweet.

The developers are planning to share the game’s progress the same way they did with Warframe, so players will be able to watch how the game evolves.

Soulframe does not have a release date yet.

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