This Spider-Man Fortnite Map Code is the Definition of “We Have Spider-Man at Home”

This custom map is one of the most surprising things in Fortnite's Creative mode.

by Carlos Hurtado


Some Fortnite fans do not know how the game started or even that the title has another game mode. Fortnite’s Creative mode was developed alongside Fortnite’s main game mode and with the Battle Royale hype, it quickly was forgotten when it became one of the top choices for the gaming community.

Luckily Fortnite’s Creative mode still has many players on its servers, and even though the Battle Royale game mode has a bigger player base, the game mode still has an active community that currently makes custom maps, and much more.

A few weeks ago, a user called ThePeacefulGhost shared on Fortnite’s Creative subreddit an incredible creation that surprised many fans of the game mode. According to the footage shared by the user, he managed to create a custom Spider-Man map through which he glided flawlessly while using his spider webs. The map looks well made, to say the least, and it features tons of buildings of all sizes that let players swing across the city without any problem. The community is rather enthusiastic about the fan-made map, and many of them are eager to experience it.

After watching the minute-long video where ThePeacefulGhost shows all the action featured on his map, many players started to ask for codes to access the map. Even though this was a separate parkour map that the user was working on, he published it as a copy, and soon after, users started to copy the code and have fun with one of the most impressive experiences in the game mode.

It is remarkable how some players can dedicate dozens of hours just to get the experience they want in games like this. This user managed to create something that many players would mistake for something made by Epic Games. The custom map even has fog between some buildings, adding realism to the experience and making it feel more polished.

It is surprising how far some players get with skins and with the freedom this creative mode offers. We are sure this is not the only Spider-Man custom map out there in Fortnite, but it sure is one of the most captivating and polished ones out there.

If you want to experience this Spider-Man map, make sure you enter the following code, – 9635-2275-6900. This is the only code you will need to start enjoying this fan-made wonder.

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