Anthem Faction Guide: Freelancer, Arcanist, and Sentinel

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Leveling up your Faction Rank in Anthem is going to be one of the ways to unlock unique rewards that include cosmetic items, component blueprints, and other rewards as you progress through the ranks.  Early on in the game you will meet three different characters who represent three factions in the game.  The Arcanist (Mathias), the Sentinel (Brin), and the Freelancer (Yarrow).  Completing missions for these three characters will earn you faction rep for Freelancer, Sentinel, and Arcanist factions.

Earning reputation will increase loyalty with these factions and this will bring rewards for each level that you complete.  These rewards include blueprints for items and consumables, as well as visual upgrades for your Javelin.

There are three different loyalty levels for each Faction.  Each of these faction loyalty levels can be increase by completing missions, completing certain conversations, activities within missions, and completing free play events will grant varying amounts of reputation with the faction.


Sentinel Faction Challenges – Sentinel Brin

  • Sentinel Loyalty 1 – Uncommon Iconic Component Blueprints
  • Sentinel Loyalty 2 – Rare Iconic Component Blueprints
  • Sentinel Loyalty 3 – Epic Iconic Component Blueprints


Arcanist Faction Challenges  – Matthias

  • Arcanist Loyalty 1 – Uncommon Match Consumable Blueprints
  • Arcanist Loyalty 2 – Rare Match Consumable Blueprints
  • Arcanist Loyalty 3 – Epic Match Consumable Blueprints


Freelancer Faction Challenges – Yarrow

  • Freelancer Loyalty 1 – Uncommon Universal Component Blueprints
  • Freelancer Loyalty 2 – Rare Universal Component Blueprints
  • Freelancer Loyalty 3 – Epic Universal Component Blueprints

You can earn Faction Rank by doing a number of different activities.  The aforementioned missions that are handed down by these faction leaders is just one way, but there is also plenty of Faction Rep to go around by heading out on Free Roam missions and completing World Events, gathering ember, killing enemies and completing open world activities.  You can also earn a bit of Faction Rep by talking to the different NPC in the Fort Tarsis hub area.  Alongside the items listed above there are other cosmetic items that you can unlock as well.

Once you’ve completed Freelancer Loyalty 3, Arcanist Loyalty 3 , and Sentinel Loyalty 3 you will unlock a new Challenge called the Champion of Tarsis.  This will allow you to unlock more reputation with all of the factions and you will be able to unlock masterwork component blueprints in the Forge for the Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm.

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