Elden Ring: How to Open the Divine Tower of Limgrave (Activate Godrick’s Great Rune)

Follow this path to get to the tower and activate the rune.

by William Schwartz


Defeating a main boss in Elden Ring will get you a new Great Rune to use in the game.  These runes bestow great power on your character, but for each rune you collect you will need to climb different towers to activate the rune itself.  Once you’ve beaten the first main boss of the game, Godrick the Grafted, you will need to take his Great Rune to the Divine Tower of Limgrave in order to use it.  In this guide we’ll explain how to get to this area in the game.

How to Open the Divine Tower in Limgrave and Activate Godrick’s Rune

The route to the Divine Tower of Limgrave in actually within Stormveil Castle where you defeated Godrick.  To get to the Tower you will need to take a portal from the castle to the tower bridge.

For the purpose of this guide we’re going to explain how to get back to this area by backtracking from the Godrick boss fight.  You’ll need to head back to the areas that you just  fought though to make it to the castle gates.  Hopefully you unlocked the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace while making your way to Godrick in the first place.  This one was near the ogre and open area with many soldiers.

Backtrack past the ogre in the courtyard area and instead of heading due south which would’ve been the way you approached this area the first time, instead go left (east) and head down the stairs toward the main courtyard and Stormveil Castle Gate.  At the bottom of the stairs you’ll come to another open area with a ton of guards as well as a Vanguard Lion.  At the bottom of those stairs hook a left and head through the main door past the lion.

How to Open the Divine Tower of Limgrave Path

The easiest way to do this is to try and run past these enemies but it’s also a good opportunity to collect runes so choose to approach it how you wish.  Once you get to the room with the knight statues kneeling you should be safe if noone is on your tail.  Keep heading straight and you will be at the Limgrave Tower Bridge.  Rest at the Site of Grace and then head onward to the tower.

You’re not quite out of the clear yet, the long stretch is a straight run to a teleporter that will actually take you to the tower.  You’ll need to make your way past three giants: Two wielding axes and one with a bow and arrow.  The easiest way to get past these three is to run straight ahead until you see the teleporter and then use it to go to the tower.  If you choose to fight, you will be in for a fight because the ranged giant (closest to the teleporter) is going to be able to hit you while you’re fighting the first and second giants.

If you chose not to fight, and you took the teleporter you are in the clear and you are now at the Divine Tower of Limgrave.  You are in the clear for the time being.  Head up the lift and activate Godrick’s Rune.

- This article was updated on March 1st, 2022

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