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Anthem: How to Change Gender Create New Character

You're going to need to start a new character to do this.

by William Schwartz


In Anthem you’re going to select a voice actor for your character at the very beginning of the game.  Making the selections for a visual appearance and the male or female voice is going to lock you into a specific gender in Anthem.  If you would like to switch gender in Anthem this guide will explain how to do it.

How create new character in Anthem

There is no easy way to change your gender in Anthem.  Unfortunately, once you’ve committed to a male or female character you’re pretty much stuck with it.  The only way to change your gender in Anthem is to actually make a new character.

In Anthem you’ll have three character slots.  At the bottom right hand corner of the title screen you’re going to see the option to create a new pilot.  Once you select this option you will have the ability to create an entirely new character and customize whether their appearance is male or female and whether the voice is male or female.

While you won’t lose all the progress you’ve made with your previous character you will lose a lot of it.  Some of the items and currencies that you’ve collected with your previous pilot will carry over to the new one, but things like Story Progress and the items in your vault will not.

This is the only way to change your gender in Anthem.

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