Anthem: How to Change Paint Colors on Javelin

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There are only four different Javelin types in Anthem, but there are countless ways to customize these suits to add some personalization to the experience.  The menu system for the game is a little bit difficult to understand when it comes to customization because there are two options tucked away in each section of the menu.  One allows you to change the texture/material of the section of your javelin, while the other changes the color with custom paint.

How to Change Paint Colors in Anthem

To customize and change the paint color for your Javelin in Anthem you’re going to want to head into the Appearance Menu in the Forge.  Once there you’re going to want to hit Change Paint Job.  There will be a vertical list of parts of the suit to change.  On the left hand side of this column of items you will see the fabric/texture options.  On the right hand side of this list you will see colors.

What you will want to do from here is press right with the Left Thumbstick or on the d-pad to select the color palette instead of the fabric option.  Once the prompt is over the colored area you can then press the A Button (Xbox One) X Button (PS4) to swap out your colors.  Once you’re in the color-picking menu you will see a screen like the one above.

Once you’re in the color select menu you can them mix and match colors for your javelin and make something totally unique to you.

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