Anthem: How to Clean Javelin & Get New Wear States

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When you start with Anthem you’ll notice that your Javelin only has two settings in terms of its appearance.  You can either make your Javelin clean or dirty.  Unfortunately, cleaning it off with a press of a button isn’t an option at the beginning of the game. In this quick Anthem Guide we’ll explain what you need to do to clean your Javelin.

You’re going to need to do a little work as a Freelancer before you get the opportunity to clean your suit off.  To clean your suit in Anthem you’re actually going to have to unlock different Wear States for your Javelin.  This can be done by completing Faction Loyalty Levels.

Completing the Freelancer Loyalty Level 1 will earn you the Standard Wear State.  This is much cleaner than the dirty or old clean states you start out with.  If you complete the second loyalty level for the Freelancer faction you will then earn the Clean Wear State for your javelin.

To apply a Wear State to your Javelin you must go to the Forge and then select the appearance option.  From there just hover over the wear state option, select it, and then you can pick from any of the wear states that you have unlocked + the ones that are unl0cked at the beginning of the game.

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