Anthem: How to Cool Thrusters and Fly Longer

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In Anthem each Javelin has the ability to fly.  How long they can stay in the air depends on the suit and the player’s ability to manage the heat’s cooling system.  When trying to fly long distances in Anthem you will likely encounter your suit overheating.  This quick guide will explain what you need to do to avoid overheating in Anthem and cool the thrusters on your Javelin.

Basically, the Javelin must be cooled off with water to avoid overheating.  Once your thruster meter has gone into the red, you won’t be able to fly anymore.  There are two different ways to cool off your thrusters.

You can just stop using them.  Once you stop using them they will eventually cool down completely.  Or, the second way that you can cool them off is with water.  Any water that you see on the map that you can submerge your suit in will cool off your thrusters.  This includes things like bodies of water that you can swim in or waterfalls that you can fly under.

Water isn’t always nearby so you’ll want to be mindful of your thruster meter.  When you see it getting into the red you’ll want to start looking for water or consider heading to the ground.  Otherwise your suit will malfunction and you’ll need to give it some to cool down.

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