Anthem: How to Find Chests

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Treasure Chests are one the fastest ways to get loot in Anthem. Inside of these chests you will find loot of all types, including uncommon, rare, epic, and masterwork items. There are going to be multiple ways to find chests for better loot in Anthem. Sticking to Stronghold activities and Freeplay Mode seems to be the best way to get chests.

How to Find Chests in Anthem

Since you can replay Strongholds, these mission items are one of the most reliable ways to farm chests in Anthem. You can head out to tackle a Stronghold from both the Fort Tarsis area or the Loading Bay. Since Strongholds are pretty much a set mission path, you’re going to know how many chests you’re going to encounter on the mission.

Chests in Anthem Can Be Found on Stronghold and Freeplay Missions

Freeplay will also give you the opportunity for chests. As you encounter World Events in Freeplay you will be rewarded with chests upon completion. Just make sure that once you’ve finished a World Event you look around for the chest icon on the screen.

Keep your eyes peeled for Random Chests in Freeplay

Sometimes chests will just be found while exploring the world. With no need to complete a mission there are times when you’ll find a chest out in the world.  While this isn’t the most reliable method of finding chests, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye out for chests when exploring.

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