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Anthem: How to Get Embers

Embers will be needed for crafting different types of gear.

by William Schwartz


There are multiple types of Embers in Anthem.  You’ll need them because they are one of the core crafting materials in the game.  Embers can be gotten in a couple of different ways and this guide will explain how to get embers in Anthem.

How to Get Embers in Anthem

Embers can be purchased from Prospero in Fort Tarsis and can also be Salvaged from other items.  Depending on the rarity that you’re looking for you’re going to need to spend more coin or salvage higher level items to get the embers that you are looking for.

You can also get Embers by completing different in-game activities.  You can find them in treasure chests during missions.  You can scavenge them from plants or other interactive items in the world.  You can also get Embers by completing World Events in Freeplay.  Depending on the difficulty and mission you will get different rarity tier Embers.  These embers can then be used to craft more powerful weapons and items in the Forge.

Type of Embers

  • Uncommon Ember – Salvage Uncommon
  • Rare Ember – Salvage Rare
  • Epic Ember – Salvage Epic
  • Masterwork Ember – Salvage Masterwork

Embers are just one of the materials that you’re going to need for crafting better weapons and gear in Anthem.  You’ll also need things like Weapon Parts, Javelin Parts, and other Crafting Materials.

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