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Anthem: How to Get New Emotes

Access new emotes, victory poses, and arrival animations in the Forge

by William Schwartz


Anthem wouldn’t be a true loot shooter without emotes.  The game starts you out with a selection of emotes that allow you to communicate with other players in the game, but there are plenty of others that you can purchase if you know where to look.  This guide will explain exactly where to go if you want to get new emotes in Anthem.

How to Get New Emotes in Anthem

To get new emotes in Anthem you’re going to need to purchase them from an area in Fort Tarsis.  You can head into the customization Forge area and access your emotes and purchase new ones there.  The Forge can be accessed from the Launch Bay area and the single player Fort Tarsis hub.

You can also change Victory Pose and Arrival Animation Here in the Forge as Well

Once in the Forge you can head over to the Appearance section of the Javelin menu and then choose the Animations option.  Once in the Animations Menu you will see that you can change not only your Emotes but your Victory Pose and your Arrival Animation.  All of these options can be purchased from this screen by selecting which one you want and then tabbing over to the Buy section to see what’s for sale.

Purchasing new emotes is going to cost you coins and they can be quite pricey.  With the limited selection of emotes in the animations store, you are looking at between 16k – 23k coins for these emotes.

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